Residential Retreats

Aisha gives retreats in Denmark and abroad, as a part of her travels to meet people engaging in the teaching.

Retreating with Aisha Salem is entering the sanctity of your own surrender, of your full devotion to Truth, wherein the purpose of your human existence – your awakening, Self-realisation and embodiment – is the Only Thing going on.

Stepping into retreat, you enter deeper into the stream of your Life and rapid evolution by the grace of Aisha’s Presence and Being. You come to play and engage in Love, to receive keys of consciousness, as you are ready for, and to allow their application and integration into your deeper meeting with yourself. To sit with Aisha in receiving guidance in Silence, word and giggles, showing you into the strength and realisation of your own Being.

All retreats with Aisha happen in social silence, which means that all participants focus on their own deepening, digestion and process during retreats and keep from exchanging socially. Every retreat participant is a part of holding the mutual retreat-space, which is opened together in the agreement to deepen and resolve, expand and play.

During retreats, time is spent in a flow of 2 and 3 hour meetings with Aisha, mostly consisting of talks, sitting meditations, movement/dance, practices and time in silent and musical being together. The end of retreats often offer an opportunity to spend some time with Aisha on social terms too.

In between the meetings with Aisha are spaces for your own contemplation and digestion along with optional attendance in daily 1-hour digestion groups. Due to the energetics of participation, you are, during your time on retreat, encouraged to walk in nature, write in a journal and to drink a lot of water, and generally to attend to your state of being in letting the transmissions sink in and through by allowing as deeply a drop inwards as is possible. Read more about retreat guidelines below.

All retreats are offered up via the Schedule and deposits for securing your retreat-participation found in the Shop. Please read all details on the schedule before making your deposit and read through the following:

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