The Invitation

You are invited to relax into the fire of Truth. It is an invitation into the deepest Intimacy with Reality as the meeting with your Self as every aspect of Reality – from your Empty and pre-existential Core, over your recognition as Love and One Being and all the way into your Humanness and true bowing to the Ground.
It is an invitation to that meeting with yourself, which requires a full face-off with Reality – as the full relaxation into the Ground of Being.
The invitation is both Vast, Wide and Deep. The Vast part of it, is for your recognition as Emptiness, which truly brings Freedom and Brilliancy by the birth of pure Mind.
The Wider part of the invitation, is for your recognition of yourself as pure and Universal Spirit – able and ready to move across every existential layer as True Action of your Being recognised as Love itself. The deepest part of the invitation, is what brings all of the pieces together – it is for your enjoyment and fulfilment as a True Human Being by Your exhale down into the Healing and Wholeness of your human state. Every angle of the teaching of Aisha Salem holds the invitation towards your deepest intimacy and highest potential by your emergence as the True Human. Read the full Invitation.

Upcoming Events

Gateway Community

Her Arrival – a community of Truth in form

A community is unfolding – locally and globally – founded on Her. An arrival to truly sustainable coexistence, unfolding through a return to and blossoming of our humanity to its wholeness and proper arrival into a Truth-based synarchy, moving on pure Intelligence of human and spiritual maturation through surrender to the open-ended reality and life-long integration of Her. It is the rising of a community based in deep care and nurture, connectivity, shared power, true authority and wisdom – honouring, supporting and celebrating the birth of all of our True Beings allowing for a fully responsible coexistence built on people surrendered to Truth-based living.

Read the full description of the rising Gateway Community.

Join the global teaching –
Welcome to Gateway Online

Gateway Online is an online portal for your deeper engagement with the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem.

In a row of online spaces – like Teaching Hall, Cinema, LivingRoom, Temple and Event Calendar – you are offered attendance in monthly online events with Aisha, option of enquiring in writing, engaging with fellow travellers, Toolbox of practices, extra video-material and so on.

Joining Gateway Online happens on membership-basis with an exchange of 15 EUR/month incl. monthly online events, digestion groups, toolbox and more. Read all about Gateway Online.

The Effect of Online Retreats

Participating in online retreat with Aisha Salem is an efficient and deeply beneficial way of working with your self in deepening and unfolding your Being, inner wisdom and evolution.

Through Aisha Salems work online, participants tend to experience just as direct a working in their Being, as when attending live-in retreats with Aisha. The advantage of working online is, that Truth is brought right to the door-step, in a way as to not allow for the separation between the embrace of Truth and its application directly in your living life – not to mention the strongly reduced spending on airfares, retreat-accommodations etc.

Read more about online retreats.

Testimonial by Shayla Wright @ Pure Passion Online Retreat

“This retreat was catalytic and life changing for me. I have been working for quite some time now, to awaken, heal and ground the energy connected with our passion, sexuality and creative force.

I have worked with different teachers and healers in this area, and have found it to be full of trauma and difficulty, both individually and collectively. I find Aisha’s approach to this level of deep transformation to be radical, courageous, and deeply compassionate.

I feel bathed in gratitude, as I continue to receive and integrate what she offered to us in this retreat.” 

This Weeks Video ~ Meetings with Aisha Salem

Watch more videos

New videos are released every week from meetings with Aisha Salem. Clips are recorded at retreats and public meetings, where people enquire into the nature of Reality – asking questions on their awakening, Self-realisation and embodiment. Welcome to join us here or on the Youtube channel for ongoing releases.

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