The teaching of Aisha Salem invites you to relax into deep intimacy and union with Reality. All the way from your empty and pre-existential Core, over your recognition as Love and all the way into your body and living life. It is an invitation to meet yourself in Truth, which calls for a full relaxation into the Ground of Being and the recognition of yourself as radical compassion able to meet and greet dissolution beyond all the edges of your perception – into a deeper relaxation with and nakedness to yourself as the truth of your Being.

The teaching of Aisha Salem assists towards your emergence as Truth in form. A full and total invitation to the inclusion of every aspect of being, which allows for your full arrival – emptied from identification through every alley and naked to reality through both mind, heart and belly. The natural arising as You. Read the full Invitation

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New teaching-clips are released every week from meetings with Aisha Salem. The clips are enquiries with Aisha into the nature of reality – on awakening, realisation and integration with our human lives. Watch it here on the site or Welcome to join us on the Youtube channel for ongoing releases.

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The Shop gives you opportunity to follow the teaching via releases of event recordings as videos, video-courses, audio-packs and more. Events are recorded in good sound and image quality, which are ready for your engagement. Visit the Shop for the latest teachings with Aisha.

Deepen @ Home with Online Retreats

Participating in online retreats with Aisha Salem is an efficient and deeply beneficial way of deepening in and unfolding your Being, inner wisdom, evolution and involution. In fact participants tend to experience just as direct a working in their Being, as when attending live-in retreats with Aisha. The advantage of working online is, that Truth is brought right to your door-step in a way as to not allow for separation between the embrace of Truth and its application – directly in your living life. Secondly benefit lies in the strongly reduced spending on airfares, retreat-accommodations, fossil-fuels on flights etc. Join us! See available online retreats in the Shop or read more about online retreats.

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Gateway Online is an online teaching portal for your step into direct communion with the teaching and being of Aisha Salem.

In monthly online events, with Aisha and the Gateway community, by access to following the teaching in audio, as it unfolds bi-monthly in Denmark, by ongoing writings from Aisha and through access to written enquiry and communion in an online Teaching Hall, you can engage with various kinds of content and continued unfolding.

Joining Gateway Online is done by subscription to membership, with an exchange of 15 EUR/month. Read all about Gateway Online.

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