Totality of Reality

In the deepest caves of our humans lies the seed to the most Radiant of Love and the Purest of Passion.
The Birth of Truth calls us to this; the Totality of Reality.

It is the end of all oppositions. The birth of Truth, which dissolves the division between emptiness, darkness and light, offering us the discovery of what it means to be Truly Human Beings, living the inclusion of every aspect of Source – as our sacredness, humanness and emptiness – all in one.

Not until every last thread of self-defence has been given over, every edge of fear holding us back, can the cycle of return to Source complete itself as the end of identification and emergence as All-inclusiveness. It is the Birth of Truth as total innocence of pure passion.

This website is an open door, for you to enter the stream of your Life, Love and deepest Truth ~ of being born to what you Truly Are, with the work of Aisha Salem.

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New videos are released every week from meetings with Aisha Salem. Clips are recorded at retreats and public meetings, where people enquire into the nature of Reality – asking questions on their awakening, Self-realisation and embodiment. Welcome to join us here or on the Youtube channel for ongoing releases.

Upcoming Events

Afternoon Meeting in Møn

5 May 2018

Join Aisha for a meeting in Truth on Møn, Denmark

Passion & Power Online Retreat

18-20 May 2018

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Conflict & Harmony Online Retreat

25-27 May 2018

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Latest writings

True Being in the Head

Student:  I have a practical question on meditation. And because today in the meditation you said that we should go to the places that call for attention, and it feels like the middle of my forehead and the jaw is calling for attention since I started meditation.  Is it like when you say “focusing the attention in the body”, is the mind included, or the headspace, or…?  Aisha:  Of course.  Your head is a part of your body isn’t it? ...
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From Intensity to Intimacy

Student:  You mentioned to me today to get off the hook, you know when I was very ecstatic, so I’m not conscious of what it is about, I ask for some guidance here, to be conscious. Aisha:  So the thing is that we have the intensity and we have the intimacy.  The intimacy itself is extremely intense for us because we are not used to being naked, we are not used to being intimately naked with ourselves, so it is ...
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Student:  When you talk about self-love, to me it feels like I need justification for that, for myself, because I don’t feel I deserve it. Aisha:  Okay.  So the thing is that you have this habit of believing that self-love equals entitlement, self-justification and these kinds of twists which aren’t really about self-love.  So these are very much plugged into your psyche, it’s very mental, it’s very psychological. So this way of loving yourself that I’m talking about here is ...
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