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The Effect of Online Retreats

Participating in online retreat with Aisha Salem is an efficient and deeply beneficial way of working with your self in deepening and unfolding your Being, inner wisdom and evolution.

Through Aisha Salems work online, participants tend to experience just as direct a working in their Being, as when attending live-in retreats with Aisha. The advantage of working online is, that Truth is brought right to the door-step, in a way as to not allow for the separation between the embrace of Truth and its application directly in your living life – not to mention the strongly reduced spending on airfares, retreat-accommodations etc.

More written testimonials available at the bottom of this page.

Moving with the Teaching Online

Online retreats are offered app. 4 times a year. See all available online retreats on the Schedule.

As a support to your ongoing work with and integration of the online retreats’ contents, you are offered continued free access to the online retreat material – for one month after each retreat. The online retreats are studio-recorded and the app. 10 hours video-material is later on turned into online courses, available in the Shop for your purchase of a lasting copy and eternal access to the contents.

The online retreats are an invitation for you who would like to embrace Truth from your home, which can be supplied with following the weekly offerings on Youtube and attending the retreats taking place. See all events on the Schedule.

The Technical

The recommended speed of Internet required, to get a somewhat coherent and pleasent online retreat experience, is 3mbps. 2mbps also works, but shows as less good quality in streaming. If unsure, testing the speed of your Internet is advised, prior to signing up for online events.

Apart from that, the team behind Aisha’s work have worked out solutions, which create both a beautiful and well-held space with all the needed information, as well as access to both contemplations, movement-meditations and streaming of meditations and talks.

All events taking place online call for you to be ready at time of participation; Logging in and checking your sound and image 15 minutes prior to start-time, so as to solve any difficulties prior to the scheduled start of streaming.

All online retreats have online technical support available.

More Testimonials

Attending an Online event with Aisha Salem can be Just as strong an experience as attending live-in retreats. These people attended online retreat with Aisha, and offered their response to participation:


Natalia Slepko:

“Deepest gratitude. No words to describe places I went with your guidance. As a pinnacle – Seeing and Being in my BONES…in my bones…in my bones… dark and light, raw and sweet Love. And finally, finally! there is help in addressing my hatred for men, my rage… thank you. It is so wonderful that I can return to meditations, Q&A and music, to soak it in again. Being at home brought Life closer – with no normal retreat-cocoon to protect me. It was an additional challenge and a blessing, like feeling a new set of muscles to develop.”


Eagleye Slives:

“Dear Aisha, Dear Team. It has been such a blessing to live these online retreats, from the “comfortable” in-my-face situation of the home space. This has been a quite different experience – so directly un-detached from the environment. So appreciated the excellent work and amazing quality of the offerings in audio/video/organizational realms, as for the unspeakable transmissions and teachings… what to say now… THANK YOU.”


Loralee Curtis:

“Thank you everyone! Words are useless to describe the beauty felt. Such a beautiful container you all created. I truly felt this embrace just as powerfully as any physical retreat I have done. I admit that there was sadness, when it was over, and an emptiness felt, and a longing to bask longer in the field you all created. Again… Thank You!”


Kari Mathieson:

“Dear Aisha and team, Feeling so Blessed. Thank you for a deep, profound and beautifully delivered offering. I am soaking it all in continuously. Amazed at the intimacy and depth I was able to feel in this container. Truly in awe and bowing in the depths of my heart to this connection. What a gift.”


Bengt Stocklassa:

“Dear Aisha! An enormous Thank you to you and your crew for the two retreats! It has been truly magical! Us two here have both learned so much during these days. Many deep meditations, and the Q&A sessions have been really full of wisdom. It is really appreciated that you share things that can be applied to our lives today, to move in the right direction faster. Many of the questions that you gave us for contemplation are percolating inside, and are good companions for time to come. Love Bengt and Susanne.”

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