Truth with Aisha

You are invited to embrace Reality in an Intimate Meeting with your Self; Surrendering to the Essence and Truth of your nature as clear Mind, pure Heart and the intimate vulnerability of the True Human Being. Read the invitation below.

The teaching of Aisha Salem is available in different ways, giving you the option to receive guidance, transmission and inspiration on your Life’s Journey of Awakening, Self-realisation and Human Wholeness.


Ways of Walking with the Teaching

Based on the strength of your Calling, there are different levels of engagement as ways of walking in Truth with the teaching of Aisha Salem.

1.  The Occasional Update

To receive occasional updates, you can sign up for the Aisha Salem newsletter by using the form on the right, “Stay in touch”. In addition videos, audios, articles and poetry are some of the free publications available on this website, ready for you to explore, investigate and absorb. The website is updated with ongoing publications.

2.  The Ongoing Application

Adding to the free material available on this website, you can subscribe to the Youtube channel for weekly video-releases, Facebook page for ongoing quotes and keep up with the Teaching-videos released for purchase in the Shop. In having unveiled how to transmit over internet, a big part of the work of Aisha Salem now takes place online. You therefore have option to deeply engage with the teaching in joining her for Online retreats. Read more about attending online events along with a few testimonials. Lastly, Aisha invites for Live-in retreat a couple of times a year, which you can also attend in. All events are found on the Schedule.

3.  All the Way with Gateway

As the further and deepest step into engaging with the teaching and Being of Aisha, you can enter into the cauldron of Truth called Gateway. Gateway is a strong container of fellow travellers, fully embracing life in Truth, walking with the teaching of Aisha Salem. Read about Gateway below.


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