Truth with Aisha

You are invited to embrace Reality as the open-ended and deeply intimate exploration of yourself – surrendering to the Essence and Truth of your Being and True human nature with the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem.

The work of Aisha Salem is available through a row of offers presenting ways to follow the teaching online as well as through physical presence with Aisha Salem. The offers give you option to receive guidance, facilitation, transmission and inspiration on your Life’s Journey to awakening, Self-realisation and human wholeness.

The different ways of engaging with the teaching of Aisha Salem are;

  • This website,, with free ressources – articles, videos and audios – as well as ongoing publications of high quality teaching material in videos and online courses in the Shop
  • Weekly releases of teaching-clips on Youtube and Facebook posts
  • Ongoing options to work with Aisha in residential and online retreats, and
  • Gateway Online with access to extended and ongoing teaching in monthly online events, sharings from Aisha and more


Following the Teaching Online

In having unveiled how to efficiently work over the internet, significant parts of the work of Aisha Salem is now available as online transmissions and initiations in online retreats. You therefore have option to engage deeply with the teaching from the base of your own home, in joining her for Online retreats. Read more about online retreats along with a few testimonials.

Furthermore you can get access to ongoing and extended teaching with Aisha Salem in Gateway Online, which is a platform offering monthly online events with Aisha, extra video material in meditations and video-clips, access to Teaching Hall for direct enquiry, monthly group digestion groups and more. Read about Gateway Online.

Lastly you can, in addition to engaging with the free material on this website, keep an eye on the Shop for ongoing publications of teaching-videos and online courses as well as subscribe to weekly releases of teaching in video-clips and posts via the Youtube channel and official Facebook page.


Meeting with Aisha

Aisha Salem appears around the world on tours, giving talks, long weekend retreats and interviews in conferences, festivals and more.

Furthermore the Gateway community of people, working with the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem, is situated on the island of Møn in Denmark, where long weekend retreats are offered in addition to both winter and summer programme of weekly meetings, for the community as well.

All events are found on the Schedule.

To extend invitation for Aisha to make an appearance at your event, for interviews or other, please write on


Stay in Touch

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