In the spirit of Joyfully playing our part in service to the Whole, it is possible to sign for entry as volunteer into the activities around the work of Aisha Salem.

Core Team

Aisha has a well-trained core team of app. 20 people, who by instruction operates with dedication and diligence on what Needs to be Done, for the teaching and transmissions to become available to support people, who are moving through the re-invention of themselves in Truth on global scale. Working as volunteer in the core team requires a certain level of dedication and diligence of enacting your Love in fulfilling tasks, through continuous focus and ongoing deadlines. The core team moves with precision and all is well functioning at the moment – and yet we always welcome skillful people. If you are well wandered within media-production or webwork, a spot is likely open.

Want to take part? Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

On-ground Volunteering – Sanctuary on Møn

Further more, the rising of a proper Centre of Truth – on the island of Møn in Denmark – Calls for people with Joy and ability to work with their hands in various ways. We deeply welcome people from all over the world – to join us in everything from construction and painting, to sanding and gardening. Trained people welcome as much as un-experienced.

The group of volunteers for Sanctuary work is in flux and we deeply welcome the man-power, whether it be for a weekend or ten, or for a month or three.

Volunteering in this work is a highly potent engagement, giving option to operate in one of the deeply profound and highly beneficial places of birthing Truth on the planet.

Want to take part? Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Please find possibility of making Donations Here, and welcome to specify whether it is towards the creation of the centre-sanctuary, educational material or events.


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