The teaching of Aisha Salem invites to relax into the fire of Truth. It is an invitation into the deepest Intimacy with Reality as the meeting with your Self as every aspect of Reality – from your Empty and pre-existential Core, over your recognition as Love and One Being and all the way into your Humanness and true bowing to the Ground.
It is an invitation to that meeting with yourself, which requires a full face-off with Reality – as the full relaxation into the Ground of Being.

The invitation is both Vast, Wide and Deep. The Vast part of it, is for your recognition as Emptiness, which truly brings Freedom and pure Brilliance by the birth of pure and Mind. The Diamond – Clear, Sharp and Bright.

The Wider part of the invitation, is for your recognition of yourself as pure and Universal Spirit – able and ready to move across every existential layer as True Action of your Being recognised as Love itself.

The deepest part of the invitation, is what brings all of the pieces together – it is for your enjoyment and fulfilment as a True Human Being and is Your exhale down into the Holding of the body as pure Consciousness. For the Healing and Wholeness of your human state, as you relax into the Core of the body and dissolution of the somebodiness on Ground – being real and present with what is pleasant as well as unpleasant – for a full blossoming to and fulfilment of the sweetness, passion and innocence of your True, Natural and Individual Self.

Every angle of the teaching of Aisha Salem has the single and One-pointed direction of emerging as the True Human – emptied of identification (the twist away from Reality) and Naked to Reality through both mind, heart and belly/ground.

The Essence – Coming into Reality

In embracing this Walk in Truth, you are invited to relax into the Ground of Being in the return to your Self. To Reality. Through allowing relaxation into Being, you can allow yourself to give up the point of hesitation and fear, and return to Trust in and surrender to Life. To Feel what it does to you and your ways, to not hold objections to Real Life, and to give up the self-protection – just allowing yourself to drop into the Core of Reality.

As we return to and get familiar with the centre of Being, we can recognise, that This is where we belong. That our Life basically Starts here – at the centre of surrender. It is the End and the Beginning, and from that centre we can speak the same language. From that centre of daring to be True, to be Real and beyond the doubt in whether Reality truly holds us in our surrender and pain of the places, where we do not Know – here we can Truly Breathe. At the centre of full responsibility for the state of our own Being and Well-being.

Here we can soften in Compassion.
Here we can surrender to and emerge as Truth.
Here we can stand Naked facing the Rawness of Life beyond emotional preferences, and
Here we can throw the mask and admit to everything which lies beyond the pride and arrogance behind our lack of compassion.

There is nothing, which we have to be afraid of losing, when we embrace this bottomline of Being. Simply because our nakedness and transparency is the Only thing that matters Here. Our honesty and vulnerability combined with our letting go to Reality.

On this bottomline we all become that silent surface between Darkness and Light. That surface, where everything is Included in the embrace of Truth and where everything we Touch in ourselves, and meet in other people, is an invitation to the emergence of a deeper Compassion – the becoming of a stronger emanation of Truth. It is an invitation to become more Real and unfold the reality of Who we Truly Are. Here we can become the Uniqueness of our True and Individual selves.

From the surface layers this bottomline can seem immensely threatening. We hold strong investment in keeping the masks on – the fear-based existence. And yet everything is waiting for us to take them off! To dare to be Deeply and Honestly human. To meet the reality of our state of Being and allow for the emptying out and return to simplicity – of our hearts, minds and of our bellies – by that dissolution of the identity, the contraction which awaits our full and total relaxation and return to Reality – in each of the three spheres of Being.

We can truly and deeply be Born to Reality, if we dare to give up the investment in that part of us, which controls our lives. If we dare allow that unmasking, which requires our complete return to innocence and humility to Life itself. To re-take our place in the Whole and become who we are Truly meant to be – from our highest potential to our deepest brokenness – all included for the Healing of the entirety of our Beings to our fulfilment and Wholeness.

It is to Arise Deeply Held at the centre of the ‘Creatress’. Of that depth of surrender to Truth, which is the unfolding of Him and Her in One – the brilliant and the soft. That She, which allows for the emergence of the Earths wisdom, the existential Clarity, the Purity, Humility and profoundness of Reality, which happens in that unfolding of ourselves into the palm of God as the Feminine, which is born out of the coming together of consciousness and matter.

Do we dare to let the self-protection roll off?
Do we dare to Stand Up for the responsibility for and gift of our lives?
Do we dare to shed the old ways, and lose our addiction to security and safety, as Something apart from our Unity with Life itself?

Safety is surrender. It is Surrender to our Unity with Life. It is the giving up of that control, which keeps Life itself from leading our path and keeps us bound to the fear-based “reality”.

In embracing our surrender – rather than our survival – we no longer control our way away from our rest into the bottomline, with an ongoing castration of the senses. We no longer contract ourselves away from the bottom of Being moving on and out into this world as separated individuals – cut from the very source and network of True Wisdom and Life itself in these human bodies.

We give up the contraction and the pretence of that protection from resting in and deeply down – into that Ground of Being, which includes All of Reality in our emergence as Truth in form – as True Humans. We choose Compassion for our return to that ground of Being, which waits for us to take full responsibility for our lives on every single level of ourselves.

The teaching of Aisha invites you to become All Quiet with the Magnificence which is Life. To Listen and return to the sound of your Being and allow for the True movement of Life.

To allow, in a gentle and care-filled way, for your mind to be penetrated by Being, for your Heart to open to same, and for your consciousness to arrive All the way down into your belly – embracing yourself in rest of the True Okay-ness with All that you Are in that return to the Ground of Being and true Silence of yourself. To bring tenderness and gentleness into your Way of Life and allow the deep Intimacy with Reality to fill you, as the emergence into the Being of Compassion itself.

Can you Be that ground of Compassion, which is needed to burn away that identity resting on your preference of feeling? Can you Acknowledge that this journey of your life includes the Call for you to become truly and really Real from the Vast to the Widest and all the Way into the Deepest?

Welcome to the teaching of Aisha Salem.

Embracing the All-Inclusion

Our journey into that bottomline, the Ground of Being, it touches everything of course.

There is absolutely No part of our humanity, which is not waiting to become aligned with Reality. And that alignment with reality, it very much requires our focus, our dedication – to face that meeting with the state of our human being and the Earth. To rectify our relationship with ourselves as humans and with the Earth. As well as our full-body relationship with the Divine and our relationship with emptiness/non-existence and death.

You See, to become Really Real, all of these imaginary limits towards the deeper discovery of ourselves as pure Being, as Source, it awaits that dissolution. And one thing is the resetting of our humanness – which is deeply significant for our way of life and human sustainability, to come into that Care and Compassion – but our coming into that human Wholeness, it must happen, in the very connection with our discovery of every other aspect of Reality. Not just for us to secure our continued existence, but to Touch the Reality of our True Potential.

Our journey in Truth – without the full inclusion – it very easily becomes a series of recognitions instead of the deeply intimate and responsibly Held and Lived prospect of our human potential – kind of like a house being built and continuously added on to, despite resting on rotten pillars! The human Core wounding (of the body’s separation from God/Consciousness/Love) – un-met, with a still fully active conditioning.

So our humanity, it simply Must be included in our embrace of Truth. Without it, we are likely to do more harm than good – despite coming from the Best of intentions – simply because we over-hear the Voice, the Cry of the Earth and what She Really Needs from the perspective of Real and All-Inclusive Care and Integrity.

It doesn’t mean, that then we are about to make our humanity into Something, because it is in Fact Truly just as much Nothing as all the rest, but the moment we make that perspective of non-existence into an excuse not to Truly Care – utterly and completely – all the way into our toes and the centre of the Earth, in Caring for what is around, inside and beneath us – in that moment, we are bypassing on a Major part of our teaching and potential, our realisation and integration. Or to say it straight – our Being Real.

To give up every angle of our ignorance means to let Mastery and Mystery becomes One.

Not to just Know Reality from a mental perspective, but to surrender our bodies to witness That Knowing arrive All the way into the fingertips. In my experience That full surrender demands a taming of every part of ourselves to live Reality.

It becomes a taming – a surrendering of our thinking faculties, hearts and actions, of our speech and all else – all the way down to that bottomline of True Being – Here – in form.

You see Right There, all of the religions they die. Everything which holds an opposition in Truth falls away – when everything is considered included. And I think it’s about time that we move to that level of maturity, don’t you!?

Aisha Salem, 2019

© 2021 Aisha Salem

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