Aisha works with people both online and in meetings – through giving initiations and transmissions in talks and direct individual engagement in online and residential retreats as well as speaking in public at conferences, festivals and more.

To invite Aisha, please make contact via the Contact-page.

The schedule continuously receives new events – sign up for the newsletter or keep an eye on the schedule to stay updated on where and when to meet in Truth with Aisha Salem.


Schedule of 2017/2018

27 Feb – 8 Mar 2018: 10-day Silent mountain-retreat, Spain

18-20 May 2018: Weekend Online Retreat *Enjoyment, Passion & pure Power*

25-27 May 2018: Weekend Online Retreat *Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion*

3-9 July 2018: Aisha speaks at SAND conference, Italy

9-14 July 2018: Aisha gives Retreat at SAND venue with co-teachers Daniel Odier, Ellen Emmet & Shakti, Italy

16-26 Aug 2018: 10-day Silent mountain-retreat, Spain

 16-18 Nov 2018: Weekend Online Retreat *Beauty, Vulnerability & Truth of Feeling*

23-25 Nov 2018: Weekend Online Retreat *Embodiment, Human Healing & Wholeness*



Before attending events with Aisha Salem please read the Terms & Conditions.

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