Gateway is the context in which the sharing of Aisha Salem is offered and her being is shared as an ongoing offer of teaching. Gateway is available as an online teaching-portal and in physical form, on an island in south of Denmark. Read more below.


The community is an organic unfolding founded in Truth. It is an arrival to truly sustainable coexistence – unfolding through a return to and blossoming of our humanity to its wholeness and proper arrival into a Truth-based synarchy, moving on pure Intelligence of human and spiritual maturation through surrender to the open-ended reality and life-long integration of reality. The people involved are people who resonate with the teaching of Aisha Salem – teaching based on the totality of reality. The community is rising on a foundation of real application, deep care, natural empowerment, true authority and wisdom. It is a celebration of the collective yet individual arrival as truth. Read the full description of the community.

Aisha has been sharing Truth in retreats, speaking in gatherings and facilitating people since 2004.


With your donations we are able to provide the world what is needed – both in terms of primo media-productions, optimal delivery of the teachings, technical web-assistance, event-support, sanctuary creation and so on.

For donations up to 5.500 EUR, please Click Here to make your contribution. For larger donations please take e-mail contact. All donations matter – we thank you for your contribution!

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