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Gateway Online is an internet portal, where you can engage with the teaching of Aisha Salem in ongoing written sharings by Aisha, extra video-material, monthly online teaching-nights with Aisha, online Teaching Hall for written enquiry and much more. You are welcomed to step into the container for the work of Aisha Salem, to join the global community in receiving teaching online in various forms.

Gateway Online offers

Gateway Online offers a supportive backbone of deepening in Truth with the teaching and Being of Aisha Salem. A base of connectivity with her teaching and work.

In Gateway Online you find ways to engage deeper with the work and teaching of Aisha Salem – like monthly online talks with Aisha, the Cinema with ongoing releases of video-clips and meditations, ongoing blogposts of sharing by Aisha, a Teaching Hall for enquiries directly with Aisha, Temple-space and more.

All offers are for the people interested in and engaging with her work, giving option to embrace Reality in extended online teaching.

Gateway Online offers the opportunity to engage in Truth, with a row of benefits:

  • Monthly online events with Aisha Salem
  • Occasional blog-posts of sharing from Aisha Salem
  • Option of 1 to 1 online meetings with Aisha
  • Cinema – with extra video material like meditations, Q&A-clips and funny-flicks
  • Teaching Hall – with option of direct enquiry
  • Toolbox – with practices and consciousness instructions
  • Online Temple-space – a mutual space of prayer and offering
  • Monthly Gateway digestion groups – as cross community support
  • Participation in LivingRoom (forum) – for engagement with the Gateway community
  • 10% off the exchange on all Online retreats
  • News from the Aisha Salem team and Gateway Newsletters
  • A geographic locator for connecting with fellow Truth-travellers


2 Membership options

Gateway Online presents 2 memberships; BASIC and FULL.

The BASIC membership is free and gives access to some of the benefits listed above; like the sharings by Aisha, access to the LivingRoom (forum), News on the work, Teaching Hall and more.

The FULL membership is 15 EUR/month and gives option of stepping into the ongoing support on your Way by additionally offering monthly online events with Aisha, digestion groups for the Gateway community, Toolbox of practices, access to the Cinema and more.

Read all details about each membership and choose your plan via clicking the button below.


Ready to Enter?

Before making your entry into Gateway Online, you are asked to carefully read the Terms & Conditions on working with Aisha Salem.
Further more you are advised to make yourself familiar with both the Invitation, Body of teaching and the writing on Authority & Humility.

If you would like to enter Gateway Online, please choose your membership plan by clicking the image below. Thank you.

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