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As Aisha has a lot to attend to always, her direct e-mail address is no longer available. Sending e-mail to the following mail-address, will be forwarded to Aisha by the team.

For enquiries on events, please find the contact-details on the Schedule and enquire directly on the event.

For other enquiries, you can receive answer quicker by directing your enquiry towards the handler of your request:

Invite Aisha

Aisha is available for interviews, conferences, tours and other events. Please send your invitation to:


Joining Gateway is done using the sign-up available on the page about Gateway. Read all about Gateway on the same page and welcome to direct any questions on Gateway which may remain, to:

Website & Shop

Do you need support or have comments to the use of either webpage or webshop? Please direct your enquiry to:


If you feel like supporting the rising of a strong teaching environment and the publication of teaching ressources for the people working with the teaching of Aisha Salem, you are welcomed to donate to the work taking place.


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