1-1 & Couples Sessions

Aisha offers the possibility of meeting with her in online sessions – either as a single meeting or a series of sessions – on the way of moving through to the deepest intimacy with reality – actualisation in realisation, awakening and the process of descent. The offer stands for both individuals on their path and for couples working together towards True Intimacy.

These sessions are not offered to “solve your problems” (no saviour available), but to support you in resolution, true reflection and instructions of consciousness towards further movement along your Way into union with Reality and human wholeness and fulfilment.

 Individual Sessions – guidance and transmission on your journey in Truth:

  • A single session session with Aisha is 1.400 DKK (190 EUR).
  • A series of min. 3 sessions is 1250 DKK/session (172 EUR/session).

Couples Sessions – An Invitation to True Intimacy

A significant part of Aisha Salem’s teaching revolves around the resolution between the Masculine and Feminine – inside as well as between human beings. The foundation behind the couples work that Aisha offers, is close to 30 years of exploration and unveiling of Love all the way to the Core of both human and spiritual maturity. With years of consort-ship as well as unfolding in true intimacy and partnership, her wisdom goes as deep within the alleys of the relational field as it does within the human evolution and awakening.

The couples-work with Aisha is an invitation to True Intimacy. An actualisation of the two primary Essences within a monogamous awakened relationship.

  • A single couples-session session with Aisha is 1.600 DKK (215 EUR).
  • A series of min. 3 sessions is 1400 DKK/session (190 EUR/session).

Please write an e-mail on info@aishasalem.com and you will receive response with suggested time. Please write a bit about your background and current place on the Way along with your wish (whether for a single meeting or to enter a longer stretched cooperation on your cultivation of Truth within the relationship).

After confirmation, the exchange needs be made via Paypal, prior to the session. Meetings take place via Skype or Zoom.


“Aisha embodies the divine union of masculine and feminine within and has the keys to support couples on the journey of consort-ship of birthing of soul and full potential through the intimate relating. I engaged with Aisha over 3 months through couples sessions. She meets being to being and invites the woman to rest in her essence of the power of creation and invites the man to rest into his essence of pure and silent presence.. which creates a deeper meeting of union within the heart in both people.  She sees, feels, hears, tastes, senses and touches the patterns in the relating (the war between the masculine and feminine) and speaks penetrating truth, with deep love to the core wounding underneath the patterns, which is palpable.

After each session with Aisha, I went through an immense amount of fire burning through conditioned patterns, heart breaking open, head burning, feeling the deepest most uncomfortable feelings, shattering, death, nothingness too. Layers and layers which ended in “no thing”. The somebody got swallowed up into a black whole and became vast black shimmering fertile ground of Being. This only happened with my deep dedication to the inner marriage, where the masculine within me stayed silent inside it all. Now I’m resting in the ocean of divine love making moving through every breath I take as pure bliss to be alive in this body, the inner masculine is making love with me moment by moment. There is so much passion and aliveness pulsating through every cell of my body. My head and neck have opened into bliss where there are droplets of golden Grace pouring into my Heart and Yoni integrating more of the transmission. I have diamond clarity entering into my head, heart, yoni. Layers and layers, and the shattering is still happening. But now there is so much space, so much love, so much silence to be with it all.”
Juliet Haines, Mexico.

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