1-1 Sessions

Aisha offers the possibility of meeting with her in online sessions – either as a single meeting or a series of sessions – on the way of moving through to the deepest intimacy with reality – actualisation in realisation, awakening and the process of descent.

These sessions are not offered to “solve your problems” (no saviour available), but to support you in resolution, true reflection and instructions of consciousness towards further movement along your Way.


  • A single session session with Aisha is 1.400 DKK (190 EUR).
  • A series of min. 3 sessions is 1200 DKK/session (165 EUR/session).

Please write an e-mail on info@aishasalem.com and you will receive response with suggested time. Please write a bit about your background and current place on the Way along with your wish (whether for a single meeting or to enter a longer cooperation).

After confirmation, the exchange needs be made via Paypal, prior to the session. Meetings take place via Skype or Zoom.


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