Working the Ancestral Lines

StudentI just wondered if you could speak about ancestral lines because I feel like I have no clue around this.


AishaBefore I say anything I want to say that the resolution within the ancestral lines is just a part of that which needs to click into place.  No matter which area we speak about just be aware to not make it into something, it’s not like “now this is a project”.  It’s more like staying with reality and staying with Truth is that which matters and then this just happen to be a part of what needs to click into place.


So in terms of doing that ancestral work it is more like your eye is on the ball in regards to squaring and straightening out all of these relations you have.  So the relations themselves they all represent a different part of yourself, but also of your wiring and your misunderstandings.  So being focused on the resolution of these misunderstandings and inside of that being willing to taste, okay if something affected you, to be willing to look back; “okay, this that is in me here, where did that come from, where did it rise?” To actually be willing to sit and to look into the whole web of the whole thing.  And through that you’re actually able to taste your way back from that which genetically created you to sit the way that you are now, but inside of that also to dissolve the entire… the twists and turns that has happened down through the line.


So that can be for instance something happened three, four, five, six generations back, and that happening in itself created some kind of tension field, energetically, which has carried on to the next and then the next and then the next, and how has that manifested in me?  So if there are things that you keep on coming up against in you, that then actually you can start looking a little wider than just dealing with the feeling when it appears, but actually deal with it in a much more seeing kind of way, you know?


So when you touch in that way, when you touch in through these gateways you can basically, you can invite, simply just invite Consciousness in that way.  One thing is seeing it, another thing is acknowledging that the grid of Consciousness is just one big light net, you know?  It’s just a light grid, and inside of that there are just some weird wirings and these can be dissolved that easily, simply by looking at them and allowing a dissolution, allowing yourself, your readiness, to leave these behind, and to send that same instruction through you, through your mother, through your grandmother, and then it ends somewhere.


I make it sound quite easy but it actually is that easy, it’s not hard.  If it’s not done it’s a hell of a job, because you never really get to look down into how is it put together, and if you don’t know how it’s put together you’re just constantly dealing with these fireworks (gestures and sounds a buzzing firework), then it’s come from somewhere and you actually have no fucking clue where it comes from.


But in my experience, this was very much wired down in the pelvis, in the womb, in the yoni, things like this, that’s where it all can be unbuttoned in this way.  And it might just be the technician in me, but actually I find it to be pretty interesting.  I like seeing how things are put together, which is probably also why I can sit here on the chair with you.


StudentThank you, I just wondered how that connects to birth place, how that connects to the homeland, the birth place, if there’s… or if that’s no…


 Aisha: Of course it has its place, of course it does. The whole story, in the moment you call it a story and make it not real and all of this, I mean you still have to deal with it, you know? Whatever the culture, the collective, whatever you have been wrapped in, wired in, all has to be seen and touched.  And you don’t do it from a place of wanting to get rid of it, but simply to acknowledge the gifts of it and dissolve the pain of it. Because that’s right there where you, as an individual, are that which was born there, with that family and all of this, but then to bring the gifts of that to life, rather than actually rejecting the gifts and closing down around the pain, because that’s what most of us do.


But also it’s interesting and it’s fun to start inviting the actual wisdom into the family, that is really something, that is really fun.  But it also requires that, it’s almost like the groundwork needs to be made.  We can’t go from; we haven’t even shared with our parents that we’re actually walking in Truth, and then we take on some role or we pretend the moment we are with them and then when we go back, we go back to ‘Truth’. That doesn’t work, you know, there’s no inner, no outer, so everything must be included, because otherwise realisation, you have nowhere to land.  If everything in your life is handled from a place of illusion or separation, then where are you supposed to land?  Then you have to leave everything behind to be what you are and that’s not really to the point, not really. I mean you can, but having to because you can’t be who you are where you are, that’s not really the point.


And I must also say that the part of where we were born there is… no, not so much born but where we grew up, where we formed our individuality to start out with, carries a specific thunderbolt in terms of our solidification and coming together as Truth inside of ourselves.  So we can choose to move somewhere else where it’s better weather, or you know, whatever, but in terms of really reconnecting with your roots, it’s definitely, it’s valuable. It’s almost like picking up some puzzle pieces from that place where you were born in terms of allowing yourself with whatever you have become by unbecoming to let that re-emerge where you rose to start with.  So there’s just two ends meeting there.

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