Retreat Guidelines

To allow best benefit from your retreat with Aisha, you are advised to allow all attention to aim towards your resolution and dissolve ~ both in preparation before and during the retreat. A set of guidelines are here presented, giving you the option of preparing yourself optimally for a genuinely deepening retreat.

Prior to retreat

Make the necessary preparations in your living life, which allows for a full retreat of peace and non-disturbance. This means taking care of business ensuring all is in its right place. Organisation of practical things are, if not attended to before retreat, a source of energetic drainage and mental diversion.

Reduce activity and embrace relaxation, in the day/s right before the retreat, preparing your mind and nervous system for deep engagement with your Self in meditation and enquiry. If you have travels, it is advised that you arrive at least a day before the retreat begins.

During Retreat

All retreats with Aisha happen in social silence. This means all participants focus on their own process and keep from exchanging socially during retreat. We are all together in holding the retreat space and respecting the direction of turning inwards. Social silence means allowing speech only as a means for practical cooperation with your surroundings.  Whenever using speech – practical or otherwise – please remember to respect the presence of other participants.

Minimize the impact of other energies ~ by staying retreated. Let friends and family know you are unavailable. Pull the plug on otherwise open lines (cellphones, internet etc.). Consider setting up an automated reply on your email account and temporarily deactivating your Facebook account.

Eliminate entertainment ~ and choose consciously what you fill your system with through any entry – whether that be mouth, ears or eyes. Allow being in Silence to play its part during the retreat.

Keep a journal ~ during the retreat-period, through which you become acquainted with your inner movements; way of thinking, acting and feeling from extended clarity, depth and opening, as well as using it as a tool for your digestion.

Drink plenty of water ~ and refrain from ingesting impure substances (the stuff you usually think you need, but is actually feeding the dragon). Avoid ongoing snacking, and give your digestive system the opportunity to rest between meals, so that energy can be used for integration rather than digestion.

Spend time in nature ~ to the extent that weather, time and surroundings allow. Take walks during the retreat period (for integrative purposes – allowing translation from body – to mind – to body).

And then please note

~ That anyone participating on the retreat is saying yes for any recordings done during the retreat to be published. Any videos during meetings will only show Aisha.

~ That Aisha is to be given time and space to rest between meetings – which means keeping enquiries to the scheduled meetings.

~ That taking care comes prior to moving-on. If you are experiencing strong openings, it is more important that you take care of your body and integration, than that you continue deepening. All participants hold full responsibility for taking care. Disregard of this responsibility can cause expelling from meetings and/or retreat.

We look forward to welcome you at the retreat.

May your surrender be prosperous and your Silence Great.

© 2021 Aisha Salem

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