Dear Lover of Truth,

It is with an Open Heart and Great Joy, that I Welcome You into Love and Care for the purpose of your life – your Awakening, Self-realisation and Emergence into Wholeness ~ to the manifestation of You as the True Human Being.

In our meeting, it is important, that we come together from a place of mutual Trust.

I Trust you to do your best to apply your Self and engage sincerely, with what is offered to you in our communion. And to do so from the place of Willingness to embrace the authority of your own Being ~ to Hold and Keep the responsibility for your Life, Surrender and Commitment to Truth. All of which makes the container of your Being intact, for Me to be able to share the keys of Consciousness with you.

I Trust you to be willing to attend to and take responsibility for meeting openly whatever needs your honest look and feel ~ in as full a Surrender to Reality, as is possible for you in choosing Love over Fear. To Boldly Embrace the depth and expanse of letting yourself be emptied and filled, dealing with whatever arises from the depths. To hold responsibly our meeting in your receptivity and bring home whatever is unveiled to you in our meeting ~ allowing You to Grow in Love of and Dedication to Truth.

In turn, you can Trust Me to Be my Self; as this reflection of Human, Divine and Emptiness ~ that I Am. To Nakedly Meet and See You, as You are, and to play my part in unveiling the Truth to you with complete Honesty, Loyalty towards and Love of your True Nature.

You can Trust Me to Take Care and to Share with you, according to what Life states is needed for you ~ rather than what is wanted, wished for or dreamed of by you. You can Trust Me to show You beyond your misunderstandings and beliefs, based on what has been entrusted to Me as Being.

Your Full Willingness to Embrace Truth is important; The evolution of Consciousness states, that this is a time, where you are given the opportunity to bring forth your own Capacity, Life and Being. A time, where All Doors can Fly Open, with some assistance, guidance and a Lot of Self-responsibility.

It is with Joy that I embrace Walking in Truth with you.


With Love and Respect,

© 2021 Aisha Salem

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