Unfolding the Action Body


Student:  How to decide to act if different parts of me are pulling different directions?


Aisha: The body’s actions can become based on pure will. And as long as we do not allow the surrender to the pure heart, as long as we don’t know which voice to listen to on the inside there will be a lot of confusion.  As you said we took up rules – do this, don’t do that, parents, teachers, friends, the whole lot and all of it is in there.  All of it is in there and has created a structure in and as your mind, which is playing in over your body’s movements.


The unfolding of the action body as Pure Love, is very much based on the willingness to listen deeply to and through your heart.  So there is a rooting of yourself as Consciousness waiting to happen in and as your heart.  At the moment when I say ‘your heart’, you connect that with this (points to chest). But when we follow the voice of the heart, which happens through a deeper connection with our soul, when we allow that connection, when we respect that connection and when we allow love for ourself to be the case, it starts dismantling and tearing off, sorting out all of these other voices.


When you do that, when you do walk with the very voice of yourself, Consciousness will start rooting through your heart, spreading itself, growing – like growing Consciousness from the heart level, which expands your heart space to your entire body. As you grow into love in this way, it’s happening from the human level as a willingness to fully surrender to, in humility to the Higher Self, what some people call God, that which is life itself, that which is Love itself, the Universal Force.


As you surrender yourself in this way the human surrenders its limited ways to the way of Love.  And you as Love agree to love yourself as human. So when you as human agree to love yourself, as in loving the Self, and when your Self agrees to love your human, that cycle of learning to love, it closes in on itself and it starts burning out all of that ignorance which has come from all of these other voices.


Right there your actions will start moving towards those of Love. And it’s not something that happens by itself, it’s the unfolding of your action body as Being, and it’s very much dependent on your willingness to take the consequence of being you.  So that means the willingness to live Truth in every moment.  The willingness to bring Truth to the table in every moment.  To take the consequence of losing that which chooses itself out by not choosing Love, by taking the consequence of embracing that which calls for your higher and higher capacity, surrender, recognition of yourself as Love and as Truth.


So it starts out with that very decision of love for yourself as human, and on listening in and in sorting out what comes from where and discarding all of that which has not come straight out of a love for yourself.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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