True Intelligence

Aisha: Touching the reality that our body is actually made out of the body of the earth.  And when that really clicks into place, all of that in us which felt like it had the right to mistreat ourselves as if we’re separate entities, apart from the earth, kind of falls away.  But the respect of the earth and the respect for our bodies, they go like this (crosses fingers).


But you see if we don’t experience – Consciousness is the Ultimate Intelligence – if we don’t experience reality, then Consciousness has no way to re-acknowledge itself as reality.  So touching reality is the first step to actually learning what you are yearning for.  And with that yearning can you see what’s left, is the longing, yes?  If you long for reality, then all of a sudden all of those things which used to be important – this is important and this is important and this is important – it all reduces itself to reality is important, then all of a sudden, the core of you and your life moves according to the unfolding of that.  That means losing piece after piece after piece after piece of yourself.  Not your real Self, but that which you took back on after having truly touched yourself as reality.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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