True Being in the Head

Student:  I have a practical question on meditation. And because today in the meditation you said that we should go to the places that call for attention, and it feels like the middle of my forehead and the jaw is calling for attention since I started meditation.  Is it like when you say “focusing the attention in the body”, is the mind included, or the headspace, or…?

 AishaOf course.  Your head is a part of your body isn’t it?

StudentYes I think I get some misunderstandings, like when you say come into the lower part of the body.

 AishaOkay. So we can develop Being through ‘being with’, right?  So the seeing, the clarity of mind, the brilliance of mind, is developed through the sharpness going sharper, like the sharpening of a sword. But when it comes to Being– the purification of yourself, that requires you to ‘be with’.  So just as I can say right now; okay, feel your belly… Be present with your belly… Relax whatever tension is in your belly…  It’s exactly the same for the mind.  So now we’ll try that. Being in your headspace, is equal to feeling and filling the space of your head with presence.

Be aware of the difference. Normally when we speak about being in the head then we talk about this ‘lost in thought’ thing.  It’s completely not the same.  That is not equal to Being in the head.  There is no Being in the head when you are lost in thought.  So Being in the headspace is equal to you being present as Love, in your headspace, holding the mind as Love, and the mind relaxes, you see?  But the mind needs to be held in Love to relax.  So when you’re not present in your mind it is contracted.  When it’s contracted it produces thought like this (gestures circulating).  It’s like a muscle being stressed, overworked constantly.  So the moment that you are present in your head your mind starts relaxing and opening itself.  And this can cause headaches.  And it causes headaches because right there our minds are healing, they are purifying, they are getting rewired.  And the same goes for the jaws as for the mind and the headspace, as for everything else, but now you’re speaking about this.

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