The Warrior

She stretches her Arms into the SunLight of Being…
She Roars into the Vastness of Skies Above
and Thunders Her Feet into the Ground of Drums Below.
She bows to no one and yet admits defeat in Every Second,
Hence She is Truly Impeccable.

Life in Truth is Her Real Challenge,
Her Battle stands in the Field of her Own Being
She Contains her Self, therefore She Breathes as Freedom
She Overflows As her Self, therefore She Expands as her True Self
She Defeats her laziness, therefore She Becomes
She Denies Defeat as AnyThing but her Bare Neck at the Sword of Truth

She Stands as the Tallest of Trees
Yet with the Deepest of Roots
Bending in The Wind of Change as True Flexibility of Being,
Beyond Judgment and yet fully Capable As Discernment
Beyond Story-making and yet Fully Honest in True Integrity of Intuition of pure Feeling

Her Dedication is her Weapon,
Always on The Outlook for her Next and Further
Always Awake and Seeing, Truly Immersed in Dying and Being
Bowing Deeply at the Feet of Truth,

Now, Warrior of Truth,
Let the Wind of Change Rage within your Range,
And Let’s Facilitate This Birth of Your Impeccability
As This,
As That,
And Beyond it All…


(A poem by Aisha Salem, April 2014)

© 2020 Aisha Salem

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