The vessel of self-discipline

How do we build the strength to hold our progress and development in cultivating Spiritual maturity – where is the key and cornerstone to continuous progress and integration?

On our way to reality, we stand with the task of turning our weakness into our strength. Things are not always (actually rarely) as they seem, and our becoming requires often our beliefs, gross or subtle, to be thrown into the air, for all the bits and pieces to fall into their right place. The throwing into the air is done by the movement of our spotting and questioning the base of our actions, speech and thoughts, by then letting go of our certainty and habitual ways, and last by allowing an updated and more aware version to appear by Grace to be lived. The questioning and investigation is pivotal for the breaking down of the egoic solidity. Things are not brought into light if we do not put our self (everything we know our self to be) on the line – no exceptions.

To be able to hold our progress, we need to facilitate the creation of our vessel of Self-Love. This we do by allowing and carrying through the changes that appear – within both our internal and external Life – as we choose Love ever deeper, to be lived out directly into our living lives. Creating the vessel requires the building of a Self-discipline, which not only allows our habits of carelessness towards our selves to fall away, but the habits towards all else too. It is a bending of the passages for our energy, an alignment with Love. Not love as in any emotional version, but True Love, as in that of Clarity, honesty, surrender, nakedness of Spirit and pure Presence.


An area to avoid sidestepping here, is that of reacting to fear. Our dedication and focus on Love and Truth must overrule and leave no room for energy moving into being afraid of losing friends or family, of holding back in fear of erroring, or in other ways, fearing the consequences of our change and development. Let it be known, that in this movement, you need to have complete confidence in Life, and to exert the greatest trust that Life will bring you exactly what you need at all times. On your way to Truth, nothing can be held sacred to you or be spared to maintain an area of comfort or security for yourself. It is All of you – delivered again and again- at the mercy of Life– no middleman, no parachute. And every step brings you greater freedom and security in your Self.

By simply taking Heart and courage in it, we can, if we allow it, make possible change within all beings. We cannot make changes to others for our selves, but only out of Love for All allow our own melting down to happen, into as great an honesty and Love as we possibly can carry and be in each moment – inviting all loved ones to follow. This right here is the fulfilment of the requirement of highest demand on your self possible. It does not leave room for Truth to be an “only on the job”-thing, a “man+woman/partnership”-thing or even a just “your Self”-thing. Live your highest Truth at all times and in all areas of your life, and your highest Truth will become higher. And higher. Only the full demand for Truth can lift you above/beyond your own lies, and only one step at a time can it make Truth emanate through every corner of your Being.

While we work ourselves out in demanding honesty internally as externally, the Love we carry enlargens itself. This Love requires you to allow changes in every part of your Being and living towards your full-blown realization as living Truth. Our radicalism towards living fully according to our highest Truth, requires us to take responsibility for the egoic energy, which really likes its freedom to do whatever. The taming of the dragon happens in your dealing with your own actions of fear and avoidance. Our Way is basically determined by our willingness to stop avoiding facts of Reality, to live by that reality, which comes to be seen more and more fully within us, as we dare to take step by step towards our own purification on every level possible. This requires the full investigation, taking responsibility, and turning any energy used in action, thought and speech happening from carelessness into that of Love.

The building of the strength of Spirit happens, by us demanding fully our alignment with Truth. It does not come from one action, clearing one area or jumping one cliff, but is gradually built by the combination of us crossing the lines of fear by being our Self/Love and building the vessel of self-discilpine to carry our purity and Self-love. Getting in charge of our dragon (egoic/untamed Life-energy), happens by our demand and fulfillment of living according to our highest Truth. The most complete version of Love that we know. Area after area of Space is released, as we work our Self out, demanding our own purification, and the Space of our Being (which remains when nonsense is gone) becomes equal to the strength of our Presence held in the bosom of our human existence.

The way to avoid being caught and frozen in fear, is to choose courage and demand our surrender to Self-love. The willingness to not settle for anything but our own completion and to pass through what we have to in our selves, to get there. We overstep the abyss of fear, by not leaving ourselves ANY room to hesitate or twist and turn consideration regarding consequences etc., but to constantly allow action and movement with complete trust in what ever we hear from inside as we demand to be true to our Self. Acceptance and letting go is key.

Allowing no hesitation invites for the developing of our sense of our Self and thereby our possibility to surrender deeper as- and to Truth. Let it be heard, that One must overstep any fear (all fears are ignorance and lack of intimacy with our true nature of no-limits). In reality no error exists, and so the unfolding of your Life happening with you doing your best in demand of Truth, is equal to the plan Life has with you. Your entrance into deeper freedom happens by the simple choice of applying your Self fully. Relaxation, acceptance and crossing every fear is there by in order.

The felt fear, which we can meet in our selves when we look straight and stand on the cliff right before jumping, is not to be feared in itself. If we take Heart and trust, we are led through the fear, which, by looking straight at, we enter and penetrate from its core – where it doesn’t exist as anything but a fata morgana. Any fear (even our deepest ones) comes to be seen/felt as phenomena rising and ceasing in basic Space. Another article can move into depth with the description of this kind of penetration of- and working through fear/limits, (which is the kind of work I facilitate in retreats).

Our becoming happens through our embrace of applying our Self to the best of our ability and then by learning by becoming more able, more clear and ever more sharp. The cultivation of Self-Love, is the main cornerstone and red thread through Self-realization, and is the demand of the best (most true) for our Self/the best from our small self. Our alignment is basically determined by how much beauty we can allow our Self to be, live, think and act into living. The uncovering of our Self to be All is of course included in this unfolding, by our grabbing the torch of Love for the benefit of all living beings (and not just humans).

Can we demand our own fulfilment; Yes, but the very core of our growth must be that of humility towards Life itself and embrace of the fact, that we know nothing. We cannot make our own Being, but only surrender to its becoming by tossing everything we are on the bonfire. True being is thereby equal to the Space and expanse of our Silence, and not what we have “learned along the way”. Everything learned has been nothing but a tool to become naked. Become Life.

A more and more complete sharpness develops, as we allow our demand to rise – on not just internal levels, but every level. Our rising demand brings awareness to deeper and deeper levels of fear, by unveiling their automatic movement based in misunderstandings and conclusions regarding the existence of need for survival. If we keep going… All needs vanish with the resolve of the misunderstandings and an immense confidence in Life and complete relaxation into Space is the result.

The keys to Reality is thereby; courage to keep going, demand for Truth (above all else), the building of self-discipline (learning to ride the dragon by the development of Self-love), the choice of Trust, the willingness to take the consequence of being You and to apply your Self fully always.

The Truth of this article is strong and accurate, but be aware, that it is only your next step and the choice of Truth you make in it, which counts. The determination and ability to carry your Self grows out of the work towards Truth, which you see to the fulfillment of in your Life this very moment and no matter where you are in your life. Clear – one by one – all areas you see yourself being untrue/careless in, so your Truthbody can develop from your inside, and not from an ego wanting enlightenment. Move from your felt experience and in demand of Truth, and so allow the breath of consciousness to make your wings stronger and stronger, until they are strong enough to carry you.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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