The Ecstasy of Being

Student: I have one question about the Black Mother, especially for men, how to let Her in, different ways. I had one experience in the dancing meditation, where some kind of blackness came into my whole body and I was just shaking like an orgasm for minutes, was this Her?

Aisha: Pretty much sounds like it, doesn’t it? She is Pure Ecstasy in the body. When you say this, orgasm, is very much what She is basically, She’s the peak, She’s the core of existence, as in when the body is orgasming, it’s a coming, She’s coming, you’re coming into existence. In that regard, this is how important it is to unfold the enjoyment body, because without the enjoyment body, She’s not there, can you see that?

So basically what you’re growing, just like growing what I said before – you’re growing into the ability to be in Pure Joy. And while the initial meeting with Her is very ecstatic – I say initial but I actually mean that every time she comes in deeper – it’s very ecstatic. But then, it’s like, everything gives in, and then she can flow even more freely. Then the next time she comes, again, the ecstatic, but then it stretches even more. So, it’s like growing a body, growing an actual body where she can breathe and be in and through.

So that experience of Her, that orgasmic experience of Her, that is actually ‘the someone’ meeting Her, you see? So, when she is in there, that ‘someone’ burns off and then it’s actually just Her, until the next wave of expansion happens, then again there’s an experience of the ecstacy of meeting Her in that growing. But once you’ve grown, once again she’s a completely still, black ocean of light.

So, in that sense, it’s not different from men or women meeting Her. The only difference is that She is women’s primary essence, you see? So in that sense woman actually are even more prone to attain the deepest realisation. It’s almost like men, they come down from here (places hands near the head), and then here (moves hands near the chest) and then here (moves hands near the belly). But women, they are already here (holds hands near the chest), and then they come here (moves hands near the belly), and then they (moves hands further down and opens arms) disappear that way. So, in that sense, women’s capacity for realisation is stronger than men’s, which is also why women are such a great conduit for men to experience Her. But She is all of our deepest longing, because she is the total fulfilment on a bodily level, of course.

Student: Is the enjoyment body the only way to meet Her or are there other ways?

Aisha: The enjoyment body is that which grows out of your willingness to enjoy on a bodily level. You can have heart explosions, heart expansions, all of this, but there is a difference between the ecstasy that comes on a heart level and that which involves the body all the way to the bottom. Because that wave, that frequency, that comes on a womb/hara level, that’s Her, and that which unfolds on that level, is the enjoyment body. The truth body develops here, (holds palms either side of head).  The action body develops here (holds palms near the chest). And the enjoyment body develops here (holds palms near the stomach). So, no, there is no other way, than to unfold that enjoyment body, because that is that dimension through which She emanates and moves.

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