Surrendering to Being Through the Body

StudentI have a question back to the meditation today.  So it was this deepening and later it was some advice from you.  It was something about I have to take care for Him.  I think I don’t get it so I ask for guidance.


AishaYes, so in the deepening itself in the meditation you were dropping in and you were touching in on the deepest willingness to let Her take you, basically.  But at the same time as you were doing that your body became hyper.  The invitation to merge with Her must go from all the way in to all the way out, because it’s the end of the separation between the force of Her as in the energy, and then matter.  And your matter must be included.


So there is a taking of care which needs to happen, because for perception itself to just disappear in behind that door, there is a bringing together of matter and energy, which means that to engage deeply into that surrender with Her, that must happen from a place of love for everything and that includes him, your body.  In this way, you need to allow yourself the core of not excluding your body from that meeting because as long as you’re doing that, it’s all happening as unfolding in Being, but Being never gets to touch here.


And there are different aspects of your human being which needs to be taken care of in this, because if you just surrender in through that way as you can as perception, and you leave your body behind, then you’re constantly bypassing the limitation which is present in your human being, and it cannot bring Being and human together.  For that to happen you have to move your surrender through him.


It’s incredibly complex to speak with you about this because we’re talking about movements inside of your own perception, inside of your consciousness, but it needs to be linked out, it needs to be linked out to this. This needs to enter the fire.  Do you understand?


StudentI’m getting…


AishaYou’re getting closer, but I can see it doesn’t click in.


StudentDo you think it relates to my belief that I’m meeting Her as a consciousness, I think I’m very much rooted in this.


AishaOh yes.


StudentSo I almost cannot, feels like I cannot really digest this, it feels like the body’s not part of this, so on the second part I felt like when these energetic sensations come that the surrender is to go with it, you know? It goes into even voice and it’s a lot of vibration, so I somehow I feel like I don’t know, no guidance, no instructions how to handle this.


AishaYes, but as I’m saying to you, you need a full inclusion because what you’re speaking from and as there – as you say this belief; “unconsciousness, I’m not that” or “I’m not this,” can you hear the separation in that?


StudentYes.  But I guess it is like an old belief or something.


AishaSure, sure.


Student:  I probably still cherish it. I feel confused, you know? Like today this experience the body just didn’t feel, it was just a container to enable this but it was this adventure of awareness.


AishaIs that Love?


StudentIt’s separating.


AishaYour body is not a car.


StudentI think what is not clicking is I somehow like, this experience today, I still at this moment, I don’t see a way how to invite the whole, the complete meeting Her.  It seems like it somehow, this part of the awareness seems now opened.


AishaWhat I have to say to you is that for you to include that, you need to give up this idea.  You need to give up the safety that this idea gives you.


Oooohh, there it goes.


StudentI think I’m getting… This is the separation I’m creating.


AishaThe deepest invitation you can at all – and challenge – find in this life, is to not make a difference between your willingness to surrender to these divine alleyways that you know and that.  No difference.


StudentI see the direction, thank you so much.

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