Surrendered Me

World in Flames, Desert Ascew
Radiant Flowers, Flight Anew

Ferment Colors, Born of Light
Desert Winds, Garuda in Flight

Christened Wild, Loving Child
Flaming Through Flesh, All EnMeshed

No Distance, No Denial
One Being, True Trial

Already Here and Already Yours
Endlessly Being through Silence Pours

Magnificence Created, Beauty Bowing Bent
Tears through Raindrops from Heavens Sent

Never Lost, Always Born
Through Oceans of Fire, Forever Torn

Rampant Devotion, Opened in Grace
Eternally Given, No running, No Chase

Here We are Home, Cast Cracked Gone
Here On Our Knees, Delivered Devoted Done

Called Answered – Heart Unarmed
Unprotected Blessed, ForEver Charmed

Love Magnificent, Wild and Free
Sings a Song – Surrendered Me

(A poem by Aisha Salem, 2014)

© 2020 Aisha Salem

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