Strengthening the Core

Student:  Do you have any advice in terms of really strengthening the core and the sensitivity?

Aisha:  That has everything to do with your relationship with yourself.  You’re just now starting to take responsibility for loving yourself.  And as you’re doing that, it starts out like this and it grows, and it grows, and it grows – your love of yourself.

So you see your willingness to compromise yourself, if that has been that much (gestures big), and the more you love yourself the less of that is there.  So it’s like your self-love grows at the same time as the willingness to compromise gets less and less and less.  And that’s how you move from fear-based existence into love-based, Life-based.  And the only way to strengthen that is to walk your steps, to say that which needs to be said, like if you are in a situation that you actually do get back to that and say that which needed to be said, rather than just let it (whistles), you see?

So every time that you allow love-in-action, you are strengthening your own base of your living life.  Every time that you respond within your life, with the integrity of yourself, of your love, of your woman, you are making more room for that.  It’s like sweeping the floor, you know?  And there might be a lot of shit on it right now, but for every time you sweep there is less, and just preparing the ground for your own landing as love, basically.  But you see for every time that you just tuck it in under the rug, you are in the same place, you haven’t at all let your dedication to Truth manifest in your surroundings so that your life can start living itself as Truth.  And that goes for everything.  It goes for your steps with your work, it goes for your communication with your family, with your friends, it goes for every choice you make for yourself in regards to everything – to bring consciousness in, to bring consciousness in, to bring consciousness in.  And as the consciousness in your life grows and becomes more and more love-based, there is also less and less room for that or need for that compromise just happening from the collapsed.

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