Softening – Letting go of the Inner Man

Student: I’m not sure how to revive the feminine and I’ve spent a lot of time clearing wounds, I’ve been doing that for fourteen years and I’m really good at it, but I think from a masculine approach. I can clear my wounds in minutes. But it’s interesting because I can clear them but I can never reach Her. So I really don’t know what She is, and no matter how you describe it, it’s really quite obscure to me. I did the things you pointed out this morning and I really went into the humility of knowing I don’t know how to be a woman. And then, after, some qualities started to come, like nurture and softness and gentleness. So I would like some guidance on what are the areas that I still have to break open or touch, what are the vital areas?


Aisha: Yeah so right now you are going into that masculine view again. You see you tell me “I did what you said, and I got in touch with the nurture, the softness and my feminine”, and then you did this; “but right now I have two to three years, and I’d like to know which are the areas…” – back to the hardness. So it’s like you touch Her for two seconds, then comes the arrogance again, (gestures a wiping out action), like, “fuck Her, She doesn’t matter, let’s get down to it” – structure, masculine.


So what we need here is that you start being ever so gentle with yourself, that you actually stop being invested in, believing in and moving with your masculine. It’s like your masculine can fill your whole being. He can take your mind, He can take your actions, He can take your speech and what’s needed in each moment is that you make a different choice, even if you don’t know Her, you understand? Because the different choice, the choice of simply being gentle and soft with yourself, that is Her. But you will never be able to define Her, She is a mystery, and the moment that you treat Her the way that you have been treating Her, She’s gone.


So you can make yourself a fertile environment for Her, but only by allowing. And now we’re again touching in on that which you said with the ‘dead womb’ and you say “I don’t know how to revive her”, but exactly what you did earlier of being willing, and then all of a sudden treating yourself with the softness – but then the hardness is back on. So every time – right now, it’s very hard, because it’s almost like you get such short glimpses, flashes of “oh, yeah, something other than Him,”.  But just having tasted it is enough to be able to tell the difference, right? But it’s such a habit in your system, and it’s simply, let me say it like this, it’s just a habit, and I can even say, it’s just a bad habit.


The Masculine is great, He’s a great helper, I have Him too, but He comes out when He’s necessary. He’s not a constant, continuous front of protection that keeps me from being receptive, that keeps me in a place where I park myself with Him to avoid Her. I did in the past – years ago. It’s like I used the fact that I knew the Masculine as a way to keep myself safe from Her.  Because you’re going to meet so much, and actually so much pain and so much despair and so much confusion and all of that which right now is leaning against your Masculine because then it feels safe. It has structure, it knows exactly what time it is, it knows where it’s going and it can set up a schedule. The moment you stop leaning against Him and start leaning against your Feminine, what you will experience is (gestures and sounds a powerful whirlwind), you understand? You won’t have a leg to stand on from that controlling part of you. So the only way that you can survive that meeting with Her is to lose your control, that is what She demands from you.

Because when you lose your control you also lose the Masculine which is linear, from A to B. But what you gain instead is everything – just like I said earlier with the point of view, and a point travelling A to B. But if you really want the real deal, to meet the Feminine, She is not A to B, She is everywhere, including A to B, but everything around that as well – from Q to C, from T to B and everything. You won’t be able to sort Her out, She will sort you out, and that’s the humility that you need.


Student: So soften and lose this Masculine control?


Aisha: (Nods) Every time that you see Him being there, drop beneath it and feel the pain of your own disconnection from Her. Allow yourself to reach for the ground, rather that the control and the safety of A to B.


Student: Disconnection from Her meaning disconnection from feeling?


Aisha: Yes, from your body. I know you have an idea that you’re feeling your body, but you’re not.  Because if you’re truly letting go into your body then your body’s intelligence, that is Her, that births Her. That empties out the identification inside of the human with your human body and replaces it with the wisdom of Her.


I would almost invite you to go online, the next product that’s coming on, it’s called Pure Passion, and there is something like a 50 minute transmission there of full on Her.  And I don’t know anyone who has been able to touch that without – (Aisha and students laughing) people laughing are all people on the team, this product has gone from person to person and everyone has got really a (makes a blasting sound and swings hand across her body) from it. But what I can say with that is that when you have trouble really connecting to what She is, that product will help you. It’s not about what I’m saying in the product, but it’s my whole body, the transmission it’s giving, my whole body is one big yoni, it’s just Her, speaking and sharing.


Can I add a little something to that on a practical note? One thing is you can touch the product, but the product will point towards the same thing which I’m saying right now which is that your Masculine is so anti-sexual – so anti-sexual, anti, the opposite of your true sexuality as a woman. I mean that you need to start working with your sexuality rather than as a man.  Because the core of Her, when you really get that, is exactly like Mira said before – She’s so sexual and yet She’s completely innocent, un-wanting and Total Compassion.  As far as I can see the only way you’ve touched your sexuality is from a part of a twist. You haven’t been able to touch your real sexuality as a Woman, and for that to happen there is a lot of healing in the womb and in the yoni that needs to happen. So sending love to yourself, whenever you even are the Masculine and really wanting to invite your Feminine, please let whatever’s there, send Love to yourself as Woman at least. That’s a good way to let – for Him to relax down into Her. I just wanted to say that.

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