Sincerity and Dedication

StudentI really need stronger dedication, I really want stronger dedication. I know that the level of dedication that I have right now just doesn’t cut it, I can’t travel stably on it.  So I have two questions around that, one is if you could speak about the sincerity and the dedication as a support, as a sort of double bicycle.  And, also, how – I know it’s the wrong question ‘how’ but I’m still going to ask it – how can I have more sincerity and more dedication?


Aisha:  You see the sincerity and humility go hand in hand, so when you aren’t truly being sincere, it’s because you’re not humble. So, then that brings up humility and arrogance side by side, and you can’t create humility, but you can give up the arrogance. Because when you give up the arrogance the humility is left, yes? Yes, so right there the humility and the sincerity there are in over each other like that (moves palms together), because the sincerity of your heart means dedication.


So it’s not just an internal thing. The dedication, the sincerity itself is, the sincerity is the sincerity of your heart and that goes hand in hand with your inner state.  Right now I’m actually doing the whole technical thing for you.  But the sincerity and the humility and then its balancing of giving up the arrogance. The arrogance is the moment you’re up here (brings hands to head level) you’re unwilling to feel and thereby to let life lead the way. So giving up – when you’re in your thoughts, giving up your mind, giving up the arrogance of actually believing in your mind, and allowing the sincerity of your heart to lead the way, yes?  So that’s all inner things.


When it comes to the dedication to Truth, we have both the reflection of inner and outer and this is basically that which needs to go away.  So dedication means not making a difference between inner and outer, but to apply yourself as the sincerity of your heart to everything.  We’re back to that one word; commitment.  Because in every moment, every moment that you have with any human in any situation in anything you do, actually calls for your complete commitment.  And to the extent that you are allowing carelessness to be the case there, there is not humility, there is not sincerity and there is not application of love.


Keep on applying yourself and keep on applying yourself and keep on applying yourself.  That’s life because life has no beginning and end. So the more that you can allow yourself to move with the further, the more life can… it’s just like… when you say you lose the dedication it’s like you’re clinging to a rock in the river.  So what needs to happen there is a letting go, allowing yourself to let life be applied as your living life, yes?  Let Love be applied as your living life.  To care enough in the loyalty to Truth.


But simply, for you to apply yourself equals allowing yourself to love yourself.  If that dropping down is that which matters right now, then you allowing yourself to actually apply the love of yourself down, downwards. You are consciousness, you know?  That’s the… that’s ‘I am’, you know?  So in that sense you are your own master.  So if you allow yourself to not give a shit then it kind of stands there, you know?


There is a fine line between the fact that nothing is needed and everything is perfect the way it is, and then the reality of allowing your life to be lived as Love.  Allowing your life to be lived as Love is your deepest longing as a human being, but if you can’t do that for her (points to student), then you can’t do that for anything, you can’t do it for something or someone else.

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