UK Tour Fall 2020


14 Oct 2020: Satsang, Bournemouth, UK

You are invited to join Aisha Salem for an evening of exploration and deep rest in Truth. The night invites you into Deep Love with yourself, exploring the edges of your perception and deeper surrender in the meeting and merging with Reality – with the Being of Aisha. Through a talk, guided meditation, and open conversation, the invitation stands for a full let-go into your deepest commitment to Meet yourself in full honesty and naked vulnerability, sweetly in the rest of your human state. Aisha Salem, from Denmark, facilitates and teaches Radical Compassion as the profound foundation of our journey in Truth – through the unfolding of and balancing by the masculine and feminine essence in awakening, self-realisation and embodiment. She brings to the table our highest human potential and deepest surrender to reality.

16-18 Oct 2020: 3-Day Intensive, Bournemouth, UK

You are welcomed to join Aisha Salem for 3 day-intensive in Bournemouth. Each day is a unique invitation and exploration into meeting yourself, Aisha and Truth with an ever-deepening dedication, vulnerability and nakedness to Truth. With the gentle guidance and deep embrace of Aisha’s Being, the invitation stands for a complete surrender and letting go into the natural state of your full potential and capacity as Being as well the deep falling in love and In-Joy with your sweet human state. Through talks, open dialogue, meditations and movements you are called towards a deepening love with yourself and reality.

22 Oct 2020: Satsang, Edinburgh, UK

More information coming soon

24-25 Oct 2020: 2-Day Intensive, Edinburgh, UK

More information coming soon

30 Oct 2020: Satsang, Findhorn, UK

More information coming soon

31 Oct-Nov 1 2020: 2-Day Intensive, Findhorn, UK

You are welcome to join us for two day-intensives in the Findhorn Community in Scotland. Each day is a unique invitation to the exploration of yourself in the Light of Reality – into meeting your Self in true nakedness of Being, with the being of Aisha Salem. With the sharing and guidance of Aisha, the invitation is to deeply surrender and let go into the natural state of your full potential and capacity of Being as well as the deep falling in love with your humaneness and growth into Being on ground. Welcome to 2 days of deepening in Joy and exploring the profound – in dialogues, meditations, explorations and movement into a deep love with yourself and Reality.

In Online Retreats

3 times a year Aisha Salem offers online retreats for anyone to attend from the comfort and living reality of their homes. Participants express deep efficiency in this way of working with Aisha online. Welcome to watch a video with participants’ experience and Read More about online retreats. All online retreats become available in the Shop.

With Video Courses

The Shop offers you a new format for engaging with the teaching of Aisha Salem ~ in Online video-courses. In 7-9 hours of prime quality video, you are invited to engage with topic-specific keys of consciousness – set up for a 5-day or 5-week stretch of engagement with meditations, contemplations and talks.

On Gateway Online

Gateway Online is an online portal with access to engaging with Aisha in monthly online events, in Teaching Hall for written enquiries, blogposts by Aisha, extra video-material, Toolbox and more. Taking part via Gateway online is possible with a monthly subscription of 15 EUR/month. Read more about Gateway Online.

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