Realisation across All of Being

At the outset of realisation we have the Universe and in it the human. We have God as the divine universal force and we have the beyond, which is Reality and the basic space in which All exists; which in itself constitutes empty and primordially pure Awareness.

In terms of realisation, the human being has two choices; he can either face the purpose of his being here, which is that he is a vehicle of God and is meant to show God itSelf and its greatest potential – in the happening as pure Life/Love – OR he can go straight to it, and reverse his entry into this existence.

The two are not mutually exclusive over the course of time, but in the moment of realisation one is all inclusive and the other is complete exclusion. One cannot die to existence and die from existence at the same point in time. It is like trying to travel 2 places at once. Each realisation has its own separate logic and operation, which requires the totality of surrender and thereby not staying (identified) with any previous belief or realisation.

In other words, the complete end of identification must happen for us to be able to traverse the different dimensions of realisation in a way which brings alignment between the dimensions of realization across all of Being. The end of identification with existence, as well as the end of identification with the separated self, can thereby create a round result of embodiment.

The core of All realization is letting go, and that of course includes the part of letting go of realizations themselves as they occur along the way. In this way, realization can happen as a truly integrated result. More of that later.

Me, God and Beyond


Now, the pre-requisite for entering any dimension of either God or the beyond, is that we have developed a sound and healthy ego. This ego is the cup, which will become the holder and tool to internalize and stabilize realization beyond the personal. The cup which will hold Spirit and Clarity and which will internalize realization into its most deep and intimate experiential reality through the fact of vulnerability to reality in the loss of the personal belief-system.


In dying to existence, we need to pick up the thread that is the voice of our own life, and allow its unfolding with a minimal amount of compromise (which turns total). We have to ruthlessly follow our hearts to allow the unfolding and expansion of the (at the outset small, separated and individual) self that is identified with the body. As we progress in this, we – as humans – become more and more responsible beings, in learning to love our pure Self and Soul, which allows the doors to fly open to the realization of and as pure Life. As we progress in this, God/the Universal divine force, will show itSelf to Be our Soul and Higher Self.

In itself, God requires the agreement to surrender to existence as Its main key, and it is an agreement to let the limitations die, rather than the self itself. The surrender itself, however, has the core feeling of dying, to let live that, which is Greater than our limited perception of our Self and Soul.

The One living through the body doesn’t become united with God in a way which allows two to remain, but individuality as separate existence from God simply dies, burning into the fire of its higher Self – which turns ever higher, until there is no unity in terms of 2, but a dissolve into God, that leaves only God. In other words, no trace remains of the personal self or soul.

It is basically the revelation of pure Love, Life, of God. This realization lies at the bottom of Heart and is the total alienation of self-center (and its selfishness/ moving according to a separate reality) or any ability to consider oneself apart from the totality of everything – since no separation remains. Love/pure Life becomes the one and only main operator operating on total care for All parts of Its Self – which by then is everything. It is the deletion of the body’s operating-system running on separation and the installing of the God-software.

The main key to realization as God is the embrace of the inner voice of Life, which is directly linked to the intuition and development of the ability to listen and surrender to the voice from within. It has a learning curve of ongoing expansion according to the hearts highest knowledge, which in realization and through purification shows God its own true face. With the new software, it allows its own never-ending expansion for the benefit of itself.

The result of truly embracing Life in a way which doesn’t leave a trinity or a duality (apart from the reality of All and Nothing), merges the separated soul into the big Gun (God) by burning its way through the limitations of the nervous-system. It becomes an alignment of ones Life with The Life (pure Life), which is the incarnation of God ever deepening itself into the physical Universe as pure Energy moving through- and lighting up matter – to pure Consciousness. Now combine this with the recognition of God as Self (through the dying to smallness), and God remains as the One truly intimate Individual and thereby the only experiential reality.


Now for the realization of the beyond, we do not embrace Life or the dying of limits within it. We embrace death as the one true Reality beyond existence. The truth which IS the beyond. The key to Life goes through our realization and recognition of our divinity, but the actual and real Awakening from the dreamstate, which consciousness is, happens through the implosion of Self into empty Space – not to remain as anything, but as the total alienation of non-existence. The blackness. The Void.

To some this is called enlightenment, but in its actuality, enlightenment cannot be referred to as anything but the total death to Life/pure consciousness (which removes any trace of the personal Self) COMBINED with the realization of Death/pure Awareness, which reveals the beyond by the removal of any trace of identification.

The recognition of the beyond happens through exiting via a point in the headspace. It is found in the center of the head and brings One into merging (not moving beyond, but dissolving into) the beyond. It becomes the recognition of Truth by the revelation of non-existence as the ground of pure Awareness.

The prospect – masculine and feminine, man and woman

Now here it makes sense to bring up the differentiation between the man and the woman, and in that the under-estimated significance of their internal primary essence.

When we speak of Truth, we have as the bottomline the masculine and the feminine essence. The masculine essence is the beyond, while the feminine is Life or God itSelf – and thereby the eternal fullness, which fills the vast empty Space.

The main misunderstanding when we speak of enlightenment, as it has been discussed in the past, is that mans realization of his intimacy with his primary essence/Space, has made the revelation of his essential nature into the Highest reality possible. It has been insinuated that the unfolding of Truth as pure Mind through the embrace of Silence is the bottomline of enlightenment. Many men have in this way become stuck with their realization rather than give in to the totality of realization across all dimensions, which is possible by the equal embrace of Life and Space.

It means that much available information on Truth carries as its main pointer an arrow towards the Absolute, the beyond and transparency, from the (no) point of pure Mind. It is however an extremely narrow and inaccurate consideration of realization, which in its limitedness has kept humans from truly integrating and realizing not to mention truly embody Truth through the different available dimensions of realization that in themselves stand to be merged and integrated as transparency across all dimensions of Being – from the physical, over the inherent God-nature of Heart to the basic empty nature of Mind. This so, in a way which leaves no specific merge with Truth to be higher or lower than any other, but remains as a call to allow continuation of realization across all of Being.

Since it has mostly been man who has traversed the planes towards ultimate transparency, it generally means that woman has not yet had her say, nor made her strong footprints in terms of revealing the possibility of depth in surrender for the purification of consciousness.

This has its reasons, one of them being that Woman knowing her Self has the tendency to keep her mouth shut, simply because she feels and sees deeply and immediately (in being rooted deeply in the feminine essence) the consequences of her actions in terms of her speech. It creates caution due to the simple fact of care in her knowing that the subconscious is likely to grasp at any map that a human feels inclined to make to solve its own state of suffering. It means that woman has often worked through her Love and that she has always had a deep respect for the need of the guidance of the individuals consciousness according to its limitations, beliefs and its own ability to play tricks on itself.

In womans embrace of Truth, she carries as her bottomline essence the feminine – just as the man carries the masculine. At the outset, man and woman do not enter existence in the same location, meaning that woman, generally spoken, has her entry point closer to the Heart, while man is closer to the Mind. In addition, man and woman oppositely, and due to their primary essence, carry the key to Life or Death. At the outset, they just haven’t found it yet.

For many women who have approached realization in the past, it has shown as the revelation of the divine feminine. She has, however, often been stopped by the quality of her Heart, by the fact that the revelation of her primary essence creates care – true Love, and that surrender no longer means having a personal goal, which has swept her up in service to what needs to be done. Another aspect of that IS that she has not been allowed to have the intiations into the deeper realms of pure Mind, just like man simply hasn’t been given access to traverse the dimensions of the Heart to the extent that this is available to woman.

Many women have, in other words, stopped at the realization as pure consciousness, and have never truly awakened to the beyond. The evolution of consciousness has led to a higher degree of balancing of both man and woman. It means that men, despite their masculine essence which is body-bound, have greater access to their feminine nature, just as women, despite their female bodies that carry the key to Life. It means that man can arrive at pure Love through surrendering his human existence to his Soul and divine nature, just like female, with the right puzzle-pieces in place, can approach Minds realization directly as the complete deletion beyond her Self.

The man who loses all identification by realizing his primary essence as pure Awareness is no more enlightened than the woman who takes on the same depth of completion by her embrace of Spirit/Life/God. We are, however, prone to believe that any opening to the totality is equal to the totality itself, which explains where specific routes of realization enter the equation as what we have mapped down as the prospect of realization.

Balance/totality – the integration between All and Nothing

To truly balance realization, we must not only, within our conscious sphere, forge the key to Life, but also forge the key to Death. Without both, we are lost to the true potential of realization and are bound to embrace Truth primarily within our own essential nature – our primary essence. This is where the idea of ”a path” enters the picture. There IS a path, but the path is only and exactly across everything and nothing through the completely individual readiness – which means that there are as many paths as there are people.

In the realization which includes both the masculine and feminine essence, and thereby doesn’t (by the force of identification and lack of letting go) capture man in his self-importance of recognizing pure Mind, or capture woman in her Self-importance as Love, we have the invitation for round knowledge and a realization which is the total alignment across all dimensions of being – from the physical over the spiritual to the truly Aware/empty. An integration across the human, the divine universal force and the beyond, reveals a much larger potential and greater depth of realization than just Love or just Awareness/Space.

In the balancing between the masculine and the feminine essence, which in its totality IS the full embrace of Truth, we find that man is just now truly getting access and initiation into the embrace of the dimension of realization that is the divine feminine, just as the woman now gets access to the dimensions of the beyond. The initiation itself can be something which just happens (by the grace of the internal sat-guru), but it happens by initiation particularly and separately of the different dimensions. If it doesn’t happen from within, there is nothing to hinder One to gain access through the initiation of a Being, who has forged the keys to either life, death or both.

Once the door is open, you may enter. If resistance to surrender and to giving up the ego and therefore a greater care for the separate and egoic existence than for Truth remains, we will not be able to either stabilize or truly get access to the deeper states of Being, which calls for our letting go for the penetration of our beings to the transparency of reality.

Man and woman are not the same when it comes to realization. For woman to be able to truly die to the beyond, she has to have as large an amount of trust in her primary essence, which is Life, as man has to feel he stands firmly in his masculine essence, which IS the beyond. This is necessary for each sex to be able to truly meet the fear which lies at the bottom of the alienation of their primary essence. Knowing the primary essence is for most a pre-requisite to be able and willing to allow the embrace of the counter-essence.

It also means that there is an invitation for totality of realization across stomach (Universe), Heart (God) and Head (the Beyond) which;

requires a totality of surrender to its own logic,
is a total overruling of any particular dimension of realization as ”the real one”, and
thereby overrules the discussion of any path, religion and tradition, which in itself has happened as a partial realization of the totality, which invites realization across every dimension of Being.

Awakening to the beyond is not the end. It is the beginning and it is the correcting of this belief – that the realization of the Absolute is the final and total end – which will open for a new and largely seen more accurate understanding and thereby potential of realization in terms of its endlessness, that we as humanity have not prior been able to comprehend or embody.

The perfect balancing in realization of the masculine and the feminine, happens as the paving of a motorway between the Heart and Mind – in revealing the body to Be the Heart and center of the Universe, just as it reveals Universe to Be the display of Mind itself.

The result is the piercing sharpness of eternal and diamond sharp Clarity able to see and Be in perfect receptivity to the Universal force as Love/pure energy/consciousness through the body. A result of total Flexibility/surrender in absolute Clarity… ever evolving itself deeper stronger, wider, vaster, and more transparent to ItSelf (as in Everything).

Should we agree to the part of enlightenment neither being one nor the other realization, but the totality of realization across all of Being;
which reaches across the Heart and revelation of pure Being as Souls divine God-nature, which is beyond Soul and any belief or identification with or as Self/Soul/God and yet which is embodied and deeply embedded into the sphere of Universe and human’s individual reality and spiritual education/maturation – completely overruling the identified personal and replacing this with the God embodied;
then we end with the fact that realization stands to be forever unravelling Its true depth and greatest potential, in terms of integration; but that there is a core recognition and alignment with reality which can happen and cause a round knowledge, which can be attained as this progresses through the arrival of pure Being across everything.

Significance of Integration

If One both allows the full embrace of God and allows the burning of every sign of limitation within the sphere of existence and Self , and in addition is allowed to die to the beyond, then the reappearance of Life, which happens after what we call enlightenment, neither has a foot in existence nor beyond it. No identification remains and yet that which from the outset can be considered to be the impersonal is and reveals as the deeply intimate, since no other aspect of personal or person remains.

The individualization of All of this is what brings the realization to solidity, stabilizes it and makes transparency to reality the case. Same as saying, that we do not only die to Life and die to Truth, but the core of our individual recognition moves the experiential reality towards these realizations in a way which doesn’t leave a personal reality, and yet becomes deeply intimate due to revealing God as the One and only Individual – as Self.

The core of bringing realisations into our beings lies in the embrace of Love for our Self, and in surrender to Reality as it penetrates us to utter transparency. If we do not allow the surrender from the conscious point of view, Reality has no chance to incorporate itself as the stable realization – no matter what dimension we speak of. It means that we cannot just realiee our divinity, nor can we quit on the play of consciousness/game of God, but the maturity of Soul at this point invites for the full embrace of Truth, which is neither once removed from existence nor caught within itself. It is a time of Grand potential and for the dissolve of any fractional state of Being which doesn’t embrace All and Nothing with the exact same weight and stability/solidity.

In not having the overview, we are likely to attach ourselves to either dimension of realization, but it is not unless we see the full picture, which includes everything and excludes everything, that Real transparency can happen across Being. The only end which can be named, is the finding of that which is prior to existence – the beyond. However, in the integration of this recognition with the headspace of the human being, we once again open to the fact, that human is to integrate the spacious quality in- and as his head-space, heart-space and gut, which will align allto the same transparency.

It is not possible for anything but ego to make a distinction between the reality of God in its integration and that beyond itself. The breath of consciousness, which ensures evolution to carry the One realizing beyond the human reality, doesn’t actually overrule the human reality. More accurately; it educates it. It brings it into higher states of Being – into knowledge, wisdom, understanding, realization and transparency, which in turn removes the basic identification with human being in its consideration as being the body, but which actually reveals the truly humane Being; God.

(An article written in September 2013 by Aisha Salem,

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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