End of the Road

If I Walked on A Road, Careless and Free Pondering This LifeTime, Then what would it Be?! Body of Ages, ...
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The Warrior

She stretches her Arms into the SunLight of Being… She Roars into the Vastness of Skies Above and Thunders Her ...
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My Love

My Love, oh, how You eliminate all wit, without a word or warning, you sing my Life into being, as ...
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Dying in the Arms of the Mother

Oh Beloved Immortal How She Dances As I leave my wits She calls me Silently with a Whisper Divine Feeling ...
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Garuda in Flight

Dancing FootSteps in Desert Sun, Infinite Skies Below Blessed by Lightning, Blown on the Run, Watch Beautiful Flowers Grow Seeds ...
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Christened Wild

Passionate Water Sacred Serene Infinite Border Vastly Extreme Truthfully Fierce Unyielding Force Incoming Blaze No Sign of Remorse No Chase, ...
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While on the Way, enlightenment is a matter of Life and Death, a Soul-wrenching defiance of want and will, scraping ...
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Diamond Thrill

Lovers Spinning, Diamond Thrill Love Eternal, Born to Kill Truth calling, Come unDone Rain Falling, Just Begun Rushing, Gushing, Reign ...
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Making of Love

Dancing Hands Glistening Eyes Howling Mountains Twirling Skies Effortless Wonder Riches of Bliss Emptiness Mirrors Nakedness Kiss Caresses Colliding Essence ...
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Insatiable She

Insatiable, Beloved, Insatiable Hunger Is She. The Skies aren’t Wide Enough, The Oceans not Deep Enough, Always, Always She is Calling ...
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