25-27 May 2018: Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion



Online Retreat on 25-27 May 2018

This Online retreat can be coupled with the Online retreat *Enjoyment, Passion & pure Power* on weekend of 18-20 May 2018, for option of a longer stretch of deepening in Truth with Aisha Salem.

Daily Schedule (all times in CEST)

5pm – 5.45pm : Guided meditation – Opening the depths
6pm – 6.45pm : Silent meditation
8pm – 10.00pm A Talk including Q&A – based on the days contemplations

Additionally on suggested times (Saturday and Sunday):

  • Movement meditations
  • Contemplations

Full retreat@home schedule suggested inside online retreat space after purchase.


The online retreat *Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion* reveals Compassion as the language of Love, through which our co-existence in peace becomes possible.

The arising of Truly Deep Compassion happens as a birth through the waves of conflict and harmony, which invites the greatest Beauty of Being to touch ground, as a growing into the human wisdom & Being. To birth the deeply human compassionate heart requires our coming to own understanding and acceptance of ourselves as humans in a passing beyond every edge of intolerance, impatience, and disagreement with what Is.

To be able to Hold compassion for everything, we must deeply meet and find compassion for every part of ourselves, and truly acknowledge the seeds of both darkness and light inside all of us. Through this, we become able to be truly kind, clear and in integrity with Reality and Love of everything.

In this online retreat, Aisha Salem opens the door to the human wisdom and keys of unlocking our deeply compassionate human heart. Through talks, meditations and movement, the language of and key to our co-existence and connectivity through the felt sense is offered, for you to remember and recognize the possibility of life unfolding according to the natural loving space of your naked and compassionate human heart.


Pride & Humility, Care & the Gentleness of Being, honesty and the importance of communication, violence and forgiveness, the strength of Softness, the power of Listening, relief of suffering and more.


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