24-26 Nov. 2017: Consciousness, Love & Hearts Wisdom



Online Retreat on 24-26 November 2017

This Online retreat is coupled with the Online retreat *True Intimacy & the Harmony of Man & Woman* on 17-19 Nov 2017, for a longer stretch of deepening in Truth with Aisha Salem.


The online retreat *Consciousness, Love & Hearts Wisdom* is centred in the Journey of the Heart and our surrender into pure Life. Our depth of recognition as pure Heart holds the core of I Am – of God – as its centerpiece, as well as the meeting with the Unknown on every level of the existential realms.

The deepening in and purification of the Heart, moves us beyond death and into Life as the eternal and infinite Spirit of Universal Being and pure Consciousness. Through a series of talks, Aisha will share on the journey beyond identification with the body, and bring into light the most significant aspects of the turning towards God and the living of life into the center of itSelf.

The online retreat will encircle the wisdom of trust and the importance of surrender, our Listening and the power of conscious choice and of choosing Love over Fear, as that which brings the Being of Love to life in the break-down of the hierarchy of personal Love, to the realisation of and center in the impersonal Love – the Love of All.

More topics shared are service & purpose, sincerity as the core of the Hearts journey, moving from want to pure Will, Necessity & the Benefit of All, responsibility on our path of surrendering to the deepest Heart and more.


Living the Heart, Listening, Being as Feeling, the Power of Conscious Choice, choosing Love over Fear, Service & Purpose, Sincerity as the Core, from want to pure Will, sincerity as the core of the Hearts journey, Necessity & the Benefit of All, responsibility, Trust, surrendering to the deepest Heart and more.


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