17-19 Nov. 2017: True Intimacy & the Harmony of Man and Woman



Online Retreat on 17-19 November 2017

This Online retreat is coupled with the Online retreat *Consciousness, Love & Hearts Wisdom* on 24-26 Nov. 2017, for a longer stretch of deepening in Truth with Aisha Salem.


The online retreat *True Intimacy & the Harmony of Man and Woman* brings into focus the journey of Intimacy and Truth between two people unfolding the deepest human potential and arrival in and as the two opposite Essences. Full Individuality and unity coexisting.

The online retreat has its core in an exploration with Aisha Salem, on the topic of evolving together through the monogamous awakened relationship – the step deeper from both the conventional monogamous relationship and its counter-happening of open sexuality. The True Intimacy allows for a unification of souls and a fulfillment of us, as men and women, which can arise only when True Peace & Care reveals itself in the partnership as the happening of Individuality and the Holding of our Self in Essence, alongside the unfolding of Intimacy and True Compassion between us. A flowering within both the “Me” and the “We”.

The online retreat is primarily focused around the navigation in partnership, but is recommended for both couples (same or opposite sex) and single people. Most of us have experienced deep pain in the touch upon Intimacy and the intimate relationship, are deeply confused how to navigate and are tempted to turn towards the Intensity in spirituality, rather than Intimacy of it. The Intimacy which is at the Core of our possibility of co-existence.


Essences, True communication/pure relating, savoring the connection, loyalty to Truth, healing through Intimacy, beyond right and wrong, compassion in the closest relationship, confession as the root of honesty, mutual devotion, Open Hearts; her longing – his protection. Vulnerability at the Core and more.


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