18-20 May 2018: Enjoyment, Passion & pure Power



Online Retreat on 18-20 May 2018

This Online retreat can be coupled with the Online retreat *Conflict, Harmony & the Power of Compassion* on weekend 25-27 May 2018, for option of a longer stretch of deepening in Truth with Aisha Salem.

Daily Schedule (all times in CEST)

5pm – 5.45pm : Guided meditation – Opening the depths
6pm – 6.45pm : Silent meditation
8pm – 10.00pm A Talk including Q&A – based on the days contemplations

Additionally on suggested times (Saturday and Sunday):

  • Movement meditations
  • Contemplations

Full retreat@home schedule suggested inside online retreat space after purchase.


The Online Retreat *Enjoyment, Passion & pure Power* is an opening to the Source of Creation and Lord of Power. In Aisha Salem’s sharing on the Journey of Truth to God as the Feminine, you are invited to face your return to innocence as the balance and fully surrendered dance between darkness and light in the unfolding of the Enjoyment-body.

In taking the journey to the Source of Creation we face a full emptying out and purification of our Enjoyment-body, to the unfolding of capacity to stand open and resting in the magnificence of pure Passion. Something which calls for the eradication of identification with matter and for a rest straight into the creational force of the Divine Feminine.

This online retreat is a sharing of the keys on the deep work of facing fear and stepping up to the full commitment to Truth and responsibility of man. The retreat offers pointers on how to work with the judgmental and suppressive perception, it touches the basics on the much needed purification of sexuality and on dropping the manipulations of Life, for the birth of Soul and incarnation into human form, by the return to innocence and arrival in the freedom of balance between darkness and light.


Responsibility, Sexuality, God as the Feminine, the Black Mother, purification of Power and more.

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