2-5 Jan 2021: 4-day New Year’s Intensives, DK



You are welcomed into the Home and Heart of Nari Village, for 4 days of Intensive engagement with Aisha Salem and Reality in Satsangs, deep-dancing, meditations, community-unity, individual deepening and the blowing of Love across every edge.

Each day is a unique invitation and exploration into meeting yourself in true nakedness of Being – with coresplitting Honesty to your True and Essential Self.

The Intensive is a replacement of the New Years retreat, due to the global Covid-movements. Due to this, the schedule will resemble an actual retreat.

Day-schedule for the Intensive

10-12 : Session 1
14-15:30 : Session 2
16:30-18:30 : Session 3

The spots are limited – we have space for 20 people at the Intensive.

It is possible to come for a few or all days – as suits you best. Few beds are available at Nari Village as in-house accommodation. The beds are primarily for people staying throughout the Intensive. When beds at Nari are booked, other accommodation must be found on the island – for example via airbnb.com.

It is possible to book a cooked meal for lunch and/or dinner via in-house catering with Annika Herter. This booking takes place separately in response to an e-mail send-out 2-3 weeks before the event.

To ensure your booking of accommodation at Nari Village, please write directly to the Nari Village staff (e-mail below).

Time & Place

The Intensive takes place on the 2-5th of January 2021.
Each day from 10am – 6.30 pm – incl. 2 breaks.
The Intensives take place at:
Nari Village, Risbækvej 3, 4791 Borre, Denmark
mail: narivillage@aishasalem.com
Bus stops 15 minutes walk from the center. More information available in confirmation mail after sign-up.

Booking & Exchange for Intensive

Day-booking: 650 DKK/day incl. snack and tea – early booking necessary due to limited seats.
Full Intensive: 2.400 DKK incl. snack and tea (save 200 DKK)
ex. food (for food-booking; please read above)

Prices for staying at Nari Village (additional to Intensive participation):

5 days before/after Intensive; 350 DKK/night/person in doubleroom.
During Intensive; 250 DKK/night/person in doubleroom.
People coming in camper vans and other can stay at Nari Village’s front parking-lot for 150 DKK/night/person.

Shopping is possible in closest town nearby and kitchen and bath available during your stay. For more information and booking of stay at Nari in addition to your participation at Intensive, please write to narivillage@aishasalem.com.

Booking closes on Wednesday Dec. 16th at 12 noon CET.

How to Book – Please Read

To book the Intensive, please mark “X” on all days where you would like to partake, see the total amount below and click ‘Add to Cart’. You can then proceed directly to the cart for payment.

If you would like to participate in all four days, please mark “X” in the first box, which has a discount for all four days.


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NOTE: When making your deposit, you are being registered as member in the Aisha Salem webshop, which gives easy access to visit and revisit any future purchased products for online streaming.

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