16-18 Oct, Bournemouth, UK: 3-day Intensives



You are welcomed to join Aisha Salem for 3 day-intensive in Bournemouth. Each day is a unique invitation and exploration into meeting yourself, Aisha and Truth with an ever-deepening dedication, vulnerability and nakedness to Truth.

With the gentle guidance and deep embrace of Aisha’s Being, the invitation stands for a complete surrender and letting go into the natural state of your full potential and capacity as Being as well the deep falling in love and In-Joy with your sweet human state.

Through talks, open dialogue, meditations and movements you are called towards a deepening love with yourself and reality.

Aisha Salem, from Denmark, facilitates and teaches Radical Compassion – as the unfolding of and balancing by the masculine and feminine essence in awakening, self-realisation and embodiment.

The Intensive is open for your participation on all or selected days.

How to Book – Please Read

To book the Intensive, please mark “X” on all days above, where you would like to partake, see the total amount below and click ‘Add to Cart’. You can then proceed directly to the cart for payment.

The exchange of each day is 66 EUR (~£60)/day

OPTIONAL LUNCH: As an extra service, we are able to provide a nourishing and well-tasting lunch, at the intensive, for those who book in advance. To add the “buddha-bowl” to your order, please mark with an “X” on the lunch-options above, in addition to the day-specifications.

Event Details

Location: The Retreat, New Forest A35, Christchurch BH23 7EF, UK

Exchange: 66 EUR (~£60)/day

Daily Schedule:
10-12:30 – Session 1
12:30-1.30 – lunch and silent rest
1.30-4 – Session 2


Please Note:

  • In signing up for the Intensive, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • After making your deposit, you will receive a confirmation via email
  • Any remaining questions? Please contact Rowan Cobelli on: yoga@rowancobelli.com.


NOTE: When making your deposit, you are being registered as member in the Aisha Salem webshop, which gives easy access to visit and revisit any future purchased products for online streaming.

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