14 Oct 2020: Satsang, Bournemouth, UK



You are invited to join Aisha Salem for an evening of exploration and deep rest in Truth.

The night invites you into Deep Love with yourself, exploring the edges of your perception and deeper surrender in the meeting and merging with Reality – with the Being of Aisha.

Through a talk, guided meditation, and open conversation, the invitation stands for a full let-go into your deepest commitment to Meet yourself in full honesty and naked vulnerability, sweetly in the rest of your human state.

Aisha Salem, from Denmark, facilitates and teaches Radical Compassion as the profound foundation of our journey in Truth – through the unfolding of and balancing by the masculine and feminine essence in awakening, self-realisation and embodiment. She brings to the table our highest human potential and deepest surrender to reality.

If you are new to Aisha’s teachings, you are invited to explore videos, articles and recordings on her website www.aishasalem.com prior to showing up.

Time: 7-9:30pm – please arrive 15 minutes early to settle in for noble Silence

Place:  Location in Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK. Address will be sent to you upon booking.


© 2020 Aisha Salem

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