Potentiality & Pure Potential

This article describes the link between pure potentiality, which is the absolute potency of Life itself, and actual potential in the shape of hands-on knowledge seen from an integrated point of view. It is then granted, that integration is not left out of the equation of self-realization, and thereby no idea remains that Truth is realized to get away from anything, but to embrace the full clarity, which doesn’t just cut across existence – but through it.

The outset of this article must be a statement of the impossibility of wanting the highest potential from any desire, ambition or forward moving drive. Wanting the potential of Life is like an empty matchbox trying to crawl inside itself. It cannot be done. The Space in the matchbox will always be the space in the matchbox, and so it is the realization of this Space, As the matchbox, which opens the door to the grand potential of Life (in other words seeing the illusory as illusory and thereby transparent).

In the realization of Space – a movement back and out – into the vast expanse, opens the door to a full view of the potentiality of Life. Watching this potential is the first and foremost happening, which opens the doors to pure being. It is by far best described as a process of dissolving beliefs. However, the realization of “This is not me” and “I am That” are like two ends of the same rope. None of them are to be believed in. They are both descriptions of particular states of consciousness, which are constantly in movement by the letting go, which allows the breath of ever expanding consciousness.

If there is no grabbing onto the vastness of Space (and thereby nothing made out of Truth, as such, and no distinction made between, or idea inserted, stating that Existence is less than Truth, then integration can take place in an entirely new fashion, which doesn’t just bring the Eye of being to see reality, but allows for the internalization of no belief, as any/every part of both being and non-being. No belief – no disbelief. No Truth is X and Illusion is X.

In one way I could say it requires the total dissipation of all meddling, as well as identificational factors – both in terms of existence and non-existence. As such this is the evaporation of ego, which cuts across all and nothing by the complete end of conclusions. The result endlessly leans towards an everchanging form of potential, not just seen or recognized as potentiality, but embedded in/as living reality and actual daily life perception.

The disappearance is that of solidity and the process of solidification through attaching beliefs. The stubbornness of belief, which is not to be replaced or transformed, simply falls away as a result of the end of concluding – i.e. identification, solidification. As such, body and mind will never get to know, and yet all knowledge is available to/as Life itself from inside deeply intimate being (which cannot be stated as me, but only Self).

What is watched/witnessed as/from that Space (which is generally and due to people’s need to talk about Truth referred to as the real “me”) is the breath of consciousness taking place. There is no me in this equation. Only Self. God. And as such I, for one, would even be reluctant to refer to basic Space as me (as this can be nothing but misunderstood by any listener still identified), but would rather simply state the fact that awareness itself is the beholder of God. A word to people for whom “me” and “I” is definite in terms of identification and solidity, it makes no sense to state, that what is to be realized is equal to my true self. There Is no true self. Self is God, and God is the dancer through the vast expanse. As simple as that. It is All God.

A valuable link in this regard is the keeping of intimacy with and as Soul – or God (same). It is the allowing of intimacy in recognition of all as “me”. A recognition that does not need to carry identification, but only the internalization, in terms of perception, of everything seen as intimately known instead of externalized as not-me. If this link is torn apart (in letting go), it is the happening of the dissolving of the link of intimacy, which allows for the revelation of all parts of reality to be embedded directly into Life and living. Without an externalization of Life, but in the keeping of equality and validity of both Space and Life alike, so is the link intact, which allows for integration all the way into the human understanding through feet, fingers and nose.

Realizing the illusory to be illusory (existence to be transparent – not real) is a great part of dissolving, but in terms of integration, it matters that existence – although not Real – is not in any way degraded and disregarded in terms of value from Truth of Space as any lower or less, but is embraced completely without any subtle jugdement and allowed to bloom into full maturity of Heart, in which care can be the case – always. In case of any remaining distinction, there is another – and yet another – subtle layer of arrogance (and perhaps another) waiting to dissolve before the realization of both sides of the coin of Truth is a fact.

Allowing constantly the present state of perception and present view to be broken down, makes possible a landing nowhere, which never closes the door, but makes every hour of every day equal to a widening scope of realization – living in a “state” of no state. It leaves life to very obviously be centered around Life itself, and not about any happening.

In regard of potentiality and the actual potential, the link between the two is the absence of belief, not only in existence in its entirety, but across existence as well. Meaning; the bridge across these waters cannot be found, but can only show itself as a part of the dissolving mechanism displaying all parts of Life as Truth.

It is the aiding out of existence, by the happening of cessation, which is the actual key to both awakening, integration and realization.

While there is the option of not passing beyond ego, in the realization of Truth, it is exactly the letting go of all signs of “me” – through existence also – which allows for the pure potential to become the living reality. Creation, as such, is thereby happening completely of its own accord and needs no identification with any true self, to come about.

In the lack of ability to solidify, and without obstruction in terms of resistance towards the play of Life, the sense of “me” never finds solid ground again (not even as nothing). “I” does not become something else, but is facilitated through a constant letting go, to become. Simply and just like that – by Life passing through, leaving its riddles in the sand.

By desire for power, you get stuck with “I am God”, by fear of power, you get stuck with “I am a human”. But what if there was neither conclusion. What if the wind was allowed to blow right through you, at its own constantly accelerating rate?! This Is the transference between the potentiality and actual hands-on potential.

Let it be known, that the potential, when it is allowed- and comes about in this manner, will never rise into use (since it is the very lack of want, a dead user, which gradually makes the integration/revelation possible). It will show itself as your own (cap)ability, but will be in God’s hands completely to use as Life pleases (which generally comes down to a conscious-movements-behind-the-surface-of-existence kind of thing).

As such, potentiality recognized from the impersonal view, and actual hands-on potential (brought all the way into the intimate perception), are thereby not really different from one another – except in the part of knowing Self – with every bit and piece of the visible you.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem, www.aishasalem.com)

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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