Owning the Longing

AishaYou see if you hold the reality, the feminine reality of your longing, without creating the projection of how it is actually fulfilled.  If you can acknowledge the fact of a woman and her longing, without being afraid of feeling the longing and without making something out of the longing, in terms of going one way or the other, in terms of simply acknowledging the fact of it.  Then right there, your cracking open to God is… it’s happening. Right there.


Simply because the stronger inside that your call for God is, that is weaved into the longing, then the moment that you acknowledge that longing, and you feel it so totally, then it’s just like the meeting between the longing of your Woman and you as Consciousness coming in to feel that to the very depth of that longing.  And of course, the depth of that longing goes deeper and deeper.


But there is a place in that for man as well, you know? I mean in a way I could say that woman can birth herself in that way, but there is something which… there is a role that the man also plays inside of that, wherein we as man and woman we can actually become one heart.


You know like you say that he’s your home, and in one sense it’s really not good if you feel that he’s your home but you’re not, you know? Then it’s like he has become… it’s like you’ve taken him in and he has become the centre of your universe, in the sense where you are in lack when you are without him.  But if you relax deep down into yourself, and you unfold as the acknowledgement of the Essence of you, because the Essence of you is enjoyment, then there is a bottom line of wellbeing and then there is the longing.  But right there the longing isn’t a problem, it’s deeply rejoiced in, as a part of your womanhood.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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