Online Women’s Satsangs

As a part of exploring and supporting the field of Woman’s unfolding, Aisha each month offers a full evening of engagement for women in a space specifically dedicated to the exploration, the touch upon female matters connected to deepening in Truth, touching the pure passion in a safe space and for inter-connection between beautiful feminine beings.

It really is a very sweet space, where the nature of Reality as the ground of Being is naturally, sweetly, gently and truly held to Reality as the entire expanse from our human healing and wholeness to the eternal Essence of She.

Each evening is 30 EUR

Women’s Satsangs are found in the store, ready for online booking

The events are full evening events, as we like to take our time to breathe with what unfolds in the space and they take place via ZOOM. Your confirmation letter will hold the information to jump on the call and a discount code to purchase the recording (Aisha’s face only) is given at each event in the chat.

Join us…
We look forward to explore the Feminine space with you.

Dates for 2021

10. January
7. February
7. March
4. April
2. May
30. May
27. June
25. July
22. August
19. September
17. October
14. November
12. December

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