On Inner Guidance

Dear Aisha, the question of inner guidance has been present with me now for some time, so I invite you to share some wisdom on this topic. I’m considering inner guidance in multiple forms, such as: 1. Guidance by our own self, 2. Direct guidance by a living teacher, 3. Ascended masters, 4. Spirit guides, angels, extra-terrestrial and intergalactic beings, etc.
1. The voice of (your) Self, is actually the Voice of God, but to start out with, it is wrapped in so many layers of personification and identification, that we can confuse it with the voice of the ego sometimes. So this is where the listening to and allowing the Heart to be your guide is a deeper and deeper falling into your Self. So, yes, a continuous walking with the voice of the Heart, which moves all self-centred wanting into the Eye of Pure Will, which is the voice of pure Love, which is based on Everyone and not a separated self. The intuition of a Self-realised can be all the way up to 95-97%… Being as close to the Core of Life itself as at all possible, so yes, intuition springs from there, and is that which we must learn to Trust in – as the Voice of Love.
2. Inner guidance by a Being – living or dead… Your Heart is always where this Being can communicate with you, and your love for/openness towards this One (combined with the willingness to surrender) always determines how directly you are able to hear. Where is the Line between you hearing My voice, the voice of your own Self, the voice of God?… Is hard to tell, when the levels and layers of identification and separation dissolves. But the respect/Love and willingness to Listen is at the core of that (not just with your ears, but with your body and Being).
When I said “I am with you”, no, it was not just something I said. From the level of Spirit… as I allow the consciousness of I Am, as is Here, to unite with you in retreat, I become the consciousness that you are too – just as you have the door opened to become what I Am. It is truly up to you, to become One with what is in front of you – always.
It means that the deeper the agreement is, to receive guidance inside & to let go, to Love through whatever obstacle appears inside, the more probable is it, that you Will hear My voice, Will be able to See Me in your dreams, giving teachings in your dream state (as I have also been receiving teachings over the years), See my face in front you, guiding along your way etc. But if there is no attuning happening, this is not possible. If there is not sincere Attempt to Listen This Way (to let this I Am and Truth into your Self and Heart), then not possible.
3. Specifically in regards to ascended masters… A sharing of own experience… For me it has been a process of attuning that listening to stand open to receive the wisdom, from every master that has appeared in the horizon. I am aware that anything can be swallowed up by Me, and so I let Life choose – through the listening and watching what happens, what appears – as to ALLOW the copying into Me.
Consciousness learns from consciousness, and particularly when it comes to this, the pokings I have had on the shoulder, happens from the subtle planes, but reflects immediately into existence, by me receiving teachings on the inside… Which ALWAYS after some years end in a merging with the Master. In this there is a preparatory stage (like many of you are still in, in regards to Me, where we are basically waiting for you to do your part of the work of wearing down your resistance, coming to a *yes* to surrendering, so we can get to the direct insertion)… After the preparatory stages, readiness, when readiness, the copying starts, which also seems to have 2 phases – one of “me receiving from the Master”, and then the final stage, where the Master inserts him/herself in the body space and takes care of the rest, until there is no master, but only Me (with the Master inside of Me).
When All is installed from a Master, these masters no longer exist to Me (and cannot be contacted on the subtle planes either, but appear to you guys, when we sit in Truth together delivering bits and pieces to you through/as Me). So that’s how it works in my experience.
And this is what you are invited to. To *Swallow Me* (just as I have swallowed them, and you will get to unfold as that Me, which is You, but which is also Them (the ones I have gulped up).
4. Other guides… These other guides seem to primarily be here to wink and turn you in the right directions in regards to many things. As in being helpers to turn you towards the Right Way of You… More than being Beings to *swallow up*. Call them winds of consciousness, acting within consciousness, to direct you towards The Deepest Recognition of yourSelf as Consciousness. Like Tinker Bell to Peter Pan.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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