Nari Village

On the island of Møn in Denmark, a place exists, which is a physical location of the teaching and transmission of Aisha Salem. A physical manifestation of She. The place is called Nari Village.

Nari Village is a gathering point for the people walking the way of All-inclusive Reality and the work and teachings of Aisha Salem. It is a 14.000 m2 piece of land resting on the beautiful and nature-rich island of Møn, in the care of loving and dedicated students.

The land was acquired late 2019 and is in ongoing development with a flux of people moving through offering different skills. The place was raw at take-over and has various buildings, gardens and so on waiting for the tender touch of people, who wish to take part. With 6 buildings there’s enough to do and you too are invited to step in and take part in play with this creation of a center of She.

Nari Village is as far now, in its building, that the place is open for visitors to come stay and retreat, volunteer and work, for teaching and intensives with Aisha Salem, as well as community-space with kitchen, living-room etc. We welcome you…

Current Activities

During the summer months of 2020, the roof will be changed on the main-house as well as the gardens are receiving sweet cultivation in growing of vegetables. A next step could be the building of a bigger dance-hall/teaching-space. Join us…

Attend events in Nari Village

All is welcome to join the events that take place in Nari Village on Møn, Denmark. We have ongoing dances and other events with Aisha Salem and in staying on Møn, it also is possible to have 1-1 sessions with Aisha.

The coming dates for summer 2020 are:

3/7 – Nari Village Dance – 19:00-21:00, 120 DKK
18/7 – Nari Village Dance & Potluck – 18:00-21:30, 120 DKK
24-26/7 – Nari Village 3 days of Intensive – 11:00-17:00/day (sign-up online required)
31/7 – Nari Village Dance – 19:00-21:00, 120 DKK

Dates and event-types are subject to change. Please stay tuned.

For all events, please sign up by sending an e-mail to and please show up 15 minutes before start-time to settle down in noble Silence before the door event starts.

You are welcome to follow the Facebook group Truth on Møn – with Aisha Salem to receive information on events taking place. Exchange for event is delivered in basket on snack-table at arrival.


Address & Contact

Nari Village
Risbaekvej 3
4791 Borre


Join the FB group
Sessions with Aisha is possible, read below.

Staying at Nari Village

Participation in events is additional to the exchange for accommodation.

  • Volunteer stays (app. 5 hours work/day) – 150DKK/day.
  • Shorter stays – 300DKK/day first week, after 1 week; 250DKK/day.
  • Longer stays: please take contact.

For booking and enquiry, please write to

Sessions with Aisha:

During stays on Møn it is possible to attend 1-1 sessions with Aisha. A 1-1 session costs 1.400 DKK (188 EUR), while 3 sessions during your stay is offered at 3.600 DKK (480 EUR). Please write and check for Aisha’s availability during your stay on

Ways to Support

To support the creation of Nari can happen in one of two ways. With your volunteering and with your monetary support.

Volunteering off-site:

Please join the Nari Village Facebook group and use the posts made for signing up for workdays to announce your turning in for proper ressource management.

Volunteering with stay at Nari:

It is possible to stay for a period of dedicated work at reduced volunteer-price. Please write to

Monetary support:

Donations made towards Nari Village is done as donations made to the Gateway Foundation, wherein the full amount goes towards the workings of Aisha Salem. Donations below 1.000 EUR can be made via this link: Make your donation. In wish of donating more than 1.000 EUR? Please write to

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