My Love

My Love,
oh, how You eliminate all wit,
without a word or warning,
you sing my Life into being,
as the subtle ripple on the water,
carried for miles and miles in an instant,
by your eminent and pertinent flow,
penetrating with your depth,
bursting as my Heart,
radiating as my Soul.

Oh, my Love,
how you demand my humility and openess,
with the sweetest of tender care,
confiding in me ever so gently,
your secrecy and splendour,
on which I hardly dare to look,
while seeds of joy and peace,
sprout wildly in my surrender,
to your aimless radiance,
of naked Silence.

Oh my Love,
how you thrill all you touch,
as I bow to you deeply,
as That which Is,
beyond my tongue to speak,
my word to express,
a body of endless gratitude
in devotion to your Existence,
as That which I could never be,
in anything but surrender to.

Oh, my Love,
how you take me over,
invite me to be One with You,
by your generous river,
bathing me till my last thought vaporizes,
into your endless sea,
where we make love of unity,
until I exist no more,
as anything but the vastness,
of the Space in which you move.


(A poem by Aisha Salem, 2015)

© 2020 Aisha Salem

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