Meeting the Human Reflection

StudentAfter you’re fully true in yourself, towards yourself, if you meet with lying from others and cheating from others, what’s the discerning point where you say “Okay, just leave it, I just take care of myself” or when we say “Okay I’ve got to call that out.”


AishaI love your question, it’s so good.  You see this is the beauty of it, sweetheart; the only reason that you are attracting liars and cheaters… you already know what I’m going to say, don’t you?  It’s because you have not met the liar and the cheater inside of you. Because there is no victim here, you are not a victim of liars and cheaters.  What there is here is a manifestation of what you need to see in your living life to face this very part of yourself, for it so be fully permeated, to dissolve, for there to become complete Compassion with that which finds in itself a need to lie and cheat.


So I want you to stay with me here now, because we’re going to dig a little deeper. So the deal here is that that harmony which you are leaning into is separated from that place where these people are coming from when they are lying and cheating.  There is a deep, deep separation, a deep, deep judgement present in you against, do you understand?


There is separation right there as if you are here (raises here hand to head level), and they are here (lowers her hand).  There is something making itself special.  When this collapses – this refers to what I was talking about earlier as well – that when you come down into the deep, deep helplessness of man where Compassion can exist for the liars, the cheaters, the murderers, then you are touching the base from where existence is springing when it comes to the different compartments of our human existence.


What I’m saying is that Compassion is not partial.  And I can tell you that to dissolve exactly this you need to take exactly this in. To literally allow the shape, to feel the existential shape, inside your own being and to completely lose your judgement towards it. Because when lying and cheating is no longer something for you, which you do whatever you do, personally, to overcompensate for being the case up here, that moment, that that compensating to stay up here, to not touch down there, when that disappears it opens up completely.


Please feel that there’s no judgement in me saying that. Good. It’s a simple question of being willing to feel that depth from where a desperation can rise that can cause these kinds of actions.  We cannot separate ourselves from that, if it is in front of us, it is inside of us.

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