Gateway on Møn, Denmark

Coming into the field of Truth on this island is stepping into a field of the deepest down-to-earth point of No Escape. It Rushes along the meeting with the deeply vulnerable, sheds the skin of the self-protective and reveals the layers in need of attention – as we are faced with the Naked Reality of consciousness in and on ground, being truly human in a field of Truth Held by the Being of Aisha Salem.

Welcome to Møn

Møn is an island in southern Denmark. A sanctuary wrapped in deep nature surrounded by the calling and claiming ocean, where Aisha Salem lives with a good and growing number of students. The community is called Gateway and the island is an unfolding field of deep accuracy and manifestation of Truth. Of co-existence in community unfolding on a ground of True Essence and full-fledged responsibility as taught by Aisha Salem – through a growing number of people.

Coming to the island is a stepping into the deepest invitation to relaxation and sweetness of being Truly Human. In a way as the down-to-earth point of No Escape. It Rushes along the meeting with the deeply vulnerable, Sheds the skin of the self-protective and Reveals the layers in need of attention, as we are gifted with a tender opening to the Naked Reality of our human state and responsibility in the depths and our landing as consciousness in and on ground.

The island is Held by the Being of Aisha Salem and supported as protected through the ongoing field-work of Aisha’s along with teaching-nights and other events on the island. Read more of what takes place on Møn below.


Summer- and Winter-programmes

During high summer and winter, Aisha offers extended teaching programme of weekly meetings on the island – wrapped around the option of attending one or two longer weekend retreats. Some of the events on the programme are dinners and movie-nights, others transmission and teaching – when weather allows in nature – all offered in a mix of social and formal contexts. Find the next seasonal programme on this page.

The Summer programme 2019 has now been released, see details at the bottom of the page.

Ongoing teachings and events on the Island

Staying in the field on the island of Møn is a proper gift in itself, but in addition, Gateway gathers for different events.


Teaching-nights take place bimonthly on Møn – outside the times where Aisha is travelling or giving residential or online retreats. Teaching-nights are held sweetly in the intimate settings of students’ homes and the exchange for attending is 120 DKK for 2,5-3 hours gathering incl. snacks and tea. Note: Should you not be able to attend, you have option to follow the Møn-teachings on audio via Gateway Online.

Other events

that takes place are
– Digestion-groups for students working with the teaching of Aisha. Digestion-groups are the community coming together on the grounds of the teaching, joining in a meditation recorded by Aisha, followed by witnessing and sharing in smaller groups.
Potluck dinners with Aisha, which are also a part of the living and enjoying together on the island.

All events are made available in Gateway Online.

Signing up to & attending events on Møn

People travel to the island to be in the field. Some come for the day to attend teaching-night, som for a week or month to deepen in the field – during season programmes or between them – and some come to Stay.

To attend residential retreats on the island, please carry out registration via the Shop here on

For attending the local Gateway events on Møn, please join the Facebook group: Gateway on Møn, where communication from Aisha Salem team and between students on all things Møn, local Gateway community and events take place. Signing up happens by the simple click of “going” on the events appearing in the Facebook-event, when announced.


Schedule of Teachings on Møn 2019

To know of scheduled teaching-nights, please view the schedule below or find the events on the Schedule. More meetings will be announced for June onwards.

6th July – Teaching night
27th July – Forest Teaching
5th August – Beach Teaching
10th August – Teaching Night


Gateway on Møn Summer Programme

17-21st July – Residential Retreat
25th July –  Gateway Beach Gathering & Digestion Group
27th July – Aisha speak at ‘One World’ Festival Møn Retreat Centre
28th July – Forest Teaching, Meeting in Nature
5th August – Beach Teaching, Meeting in Nature
10th August – Teaching Night, An Intimate Gathering

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