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Gateway is the name of the container that the teaching of Aisha Salem is offered through. It consists both physically of the Gateway community, presently rooting on the island of Møn in Denmark, and globally of an online portal called Gateway Online, wherein the global community moves. Aisha serves both the local and global community – on Møn in bi-monthly teaching-nights and residential retreats and globally in monthly teaching-nights through Gateway Online, residential and online retreats.

Local teaching – Gateway on Møn island, Denmark

The base and physical location of Aisha Salem is on Møn, which is a small island in the south of Denmark.

Aisha has worked across the globe for more than a decade and has students all over the world. Some students choose to travel to the island of Møn to partake in the field of Truth and evolution, which the presence of Aisha’s being and teaching provides, in anything from weeks to months at a time.

Others have moved or are moving there as a permanent solution of settling down around the island, to live in a field of Truth in coexistence with teacher and fellow students – as the very Way of Life.

Aisha offers teaching-nights bimonthly on Møn – for the local Gateway community – new students and old on Thursday nights outside times, where Aisha is travelling.

Buzzing is in the air towards the rising of an actual place of teaching for Gateway, and yet the manifestation of such an endeavour has many steps of preparation to it – in anything from rising of funds to the practical aspects involved with such. Should you wish to get involved with anything from financial to practical assistance, please write to moen@aishasalem.com.

During summer and winter season, connected with residential retreats on Møn, Aisha offers extended teaching programme of weekly meetings on the island. Some as dinners and movie-nights, others as transmission and teaching.

To see the coming summer or winter programme, please click the programme at the end of this page. The events on the summer-programme are not added to the public schedule, here on this website, but are available via the “Gateway on Møn” Facebook-group and on Gateway Online. Read more about Gateway on Møn.

Global teaching – Gateway Online portal

Aisha has in cooperation with her team developed an online portal for the people wanting to engage deeper with her work. The portal holds the global community and is called Gateway Online.

Gateway Online is a turf of wordplay and sharing in Truth – for investigation and enquiry, for sharing and being in play with Aisha Salem via the Teaching Hall, Temple-space, LivingRoom (forum), Cinema and Aisha’s blog. Gateway Online holds the extended online teaching of Aisha Salem in weekly writings, extra video-material, monthly online teaching-nights with Aisha, online Teaching Hall for written enquiry and much more.

To join Gateway Online you can sign up on either a free subscription, giving access to parts of the portal, or subscribe to a monthly paid membership giving access to all the extras like teaching nights with Aisha, digestion-groups with the community, Toolbox of practices and so on. Read all about the 2 memberships in Gateway Online.

Residential & Online Retreats

Over years of working with the internet as a medium for giving transmission, Aisha has developed ways of fully reaching the homes, hearts and beings of her students across the globe. In online retreats you are offered the opportunity to follow the teaching and receive transmissions from the comfort of your own home and center of your daily life.

See a video-testimonial and read all about attending online retreats with Aisha.

Lastly Aisha Salem gives residential retreats both in Denmark and abroad in different countries. Read all about attending retreats with Aisha and see the Schedule for upcoming retreats.

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