A Life Rooted in the Centre


Student:  Just wondered if you could help me to see something that I think I’m just not seeing, or not willing to see maybe; there seems to be a physical reaction to being in a body.  When we went earlier on for the walk, the meditative walk, I noticed that the second I connected with my feet and the earth my legs just lost all their strength, they went to jelly, my foot wanted to come off the ground, I lost my balance. I would love to come back into my body, and I would love to meet what I’m not seeing, as to the reason I don’t seem to want to be in the body.  So I just wondered perhaps if you could show me something I’m not seeing.


AishaThere is a piece of work to do there, and rather than me showing something you’re not seeing, I would rather just show you the way of where you need to go; and that is in through that weakness.


First off, don’t take the physical signs so very seriously, but allow the physical signs to be whatever they are and work with them as best you can, because you are going to meet all kinds of phenomena on the physical level when you allow Truth to touch the body, that’s just how it is.


But in terms of this, as far as I can see there is… it stretches approximately one and a half life back, but it’s also wired in with your ancestral stuff.  And it actually doesn’t really matter what it is or things like this, I mean if you feel inclined to it you can investigate it, you know? But whether you know it or don’t know it, it’s going to resolve the moment that you insist on being in your legs, the moment you insist on being in the earth. It will all appear, it will pass you in images and all of this.  So actually it comes down to your dedication to ground, to come down and touch the earth.


The walking meditation is a great practice for you. Because the thing is that you have cut yourself off from the Feminine Power and from the earth. It’s like you’re living from here up (places hands near navel). And to be able to touch below that line you have to be willing to feel the weakness that is there.


StudentWhat is the weakness?


Aisha: Exactly what you were describing before. That feeling like collapsing. Because all of these feelings, of course when you’re in it take care of your body, you know? Don’t over exhaust yourself or anything.  But that feeling like being weak, that is what’s placed in you from here down (places hands near navel). Feel completely weak.  So when you can acknowledge and be with the reality of feeling weak, then you can come down.


The human feelings that we have, it’s like we have built a strength somewhere, because that’s basically what we had to do, you know, to survive, then all of sudden we got attached to the feeling of feeling strong, and we forgot how to feel weak, you know? But all of a sudden that makes that ‘strong’ into something which then separates it from the weakness (gestures slicing across the stomach), done job.  So yes, work with it.


Student: I will, thank you. Thank you so much.

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