Liberation and Transformation

The teaching of Life and the teaching of Truth are two different things. While the teaching of Life will unravel all of the secrets of/as the Creator to you, the teaching of Truth, will cause your freedom/liberation.

As such the teaching of Life is based on the transformation of ego within the existential reality – from the separated ego to the divine ego. It is a development which at least to some extent goes prior to the realization of Truth.

Transformation is basically the game of God – from separated to divine ego – while Truth realization is the falling away of game and game player, which results in liberation.

There is nothing wrong with the ego-game, but it doesn’t present any end of actual freedom. Freedom is the result of having worn out and down desire, the wanting energy, which is the temptation to exist and solidify oneself as “someone” within existence.

While mastery is the result of the developed ego, freedom of not wanting is the liberating factor, which removes the initiation of Life from any point of view. One is thereby in full view, and watches Life moving, with initiation based only on Life’s own movement.

While the display of phenomena within existence, by the breath of consciousness, is allowed to twist and turn itself in its different displays of “me” – from everything, to nothing, to just a little human being – the determining factor is the ability (or I could say willingness) to believe in what is seen.

By the recognition of Truth, there is no option of belief rising as a part of anything seen, and so all of existence can unfold by the ever ongoing expansion of consciousness.

By the wish or want to be more, ego develops and transforms. It is a deeply inherent desire, which traverses multiple subtle layers of the psyche/human being. It happens as an up and down purification, which removes the obstacles of seeing existence through limited eyes and results in a complete openness towards Life.

The development of ego requires a surrender to something bigger than yourself. Your higher Self. A happening of identification with All of Life instead of the life of just your little human being. As such it is the development of Soul.

Liberation is the happening of realizing and embracing fully the fact of no-self. What usually happens is, that people are caught between the desire to develop their ego, and get rid of it all together. The demand for Truth turns into a soul-wrenching defiance between the growing reality as peace, and the ongoing demand to know, to live, to love and to exist.

The ego can never want its own extinction, and yet it happens and is longed for due to the call towards Truth and Peace.

The ego longs and demands for certain experiences, and it makes very little sense to deprive yourself the pleasure of living. The attraction towards experiences simply calls for a learning to happen. A perfection of whatever experience, to be lived fully and to its completion. What matters is the awareness of not clinging to experiences, but allowing Life to unfold in its complete beauty and entirety. The obstacle in this is the grabbing desire for repetition, as soon as something is fulfilled and shown to be fully good.

In some ways, the wish for Life to stop can be said to be nothing but the desire to realize Truth and actualize liberation and the liberty of true Being.

To realize pure Being, the movement of purification up and down (which basically only sends you different places – discovering in/as consciousness), is more a pulling back out of existence. While it is hard to talk about these things, and only pointing towards it is possible, it can only be referred to as inner Being as opposed to outer being, which here is the term for everything that moves, comes and goes.

It cannot be stated, that the realization of Truth is better than the realization of Life, and in many ways, the realization of Truth actually opens up for the pure potentiality of the actual development of Life, as Soul. It thereby is the greatest invitation for Life to play out exactly as it is supposed to.

However, if the realization of Life does not happen from the realization of Truth as pure Being, whatever is uncovered as existence carries the same trace of grabbing, of clinging, of a solid I, and thereby can never cross the abyss of pleasure and pain as equally lived and experienced. By the crossing of the ocean to no-self, pleasure (which contains the notion of someone being pleased) is replaced by pure Joy, which seems to rise right out of the Space which is recognized as Truth – as simply the dance of Life itself.

That which is usually desired, and which ego attaches itself on to, is the movement of Life and the ever expanding consciousness – with the demand to live. Contrary to the egoic belief… Life DOES exist, and fully so, without the interference or insisting on it to be so.

To get down to it, there is a watching of anything known to be yourself, which requires your full honesty of both surrendering to Life and Truth alike, to embrace your absolute Being, as well as allow Life’s complete unfoldment as its own pure potential.

(An article written in 2012 by Aisha Salem,

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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