Learning from the Past

Student: When I look at, even recent history of humanity, if we look at all military conflicts, World War II, just what we are doing to each other, it’s just, it’s incomprehensible. But ultimately, it’s coming from the Source. That’s probably, at least to some degree, that’s why it’s difficult for me to trust and to just let go and to relax into the existence.


Aisha: Yeah but the thing is, what you’re saying there, that’s a mind trying to analyse on what it perceives to be a history. It’s history, sure, but you’re trying to make sense of that which makes no sense, because everything that has happened in regards to what you’re saying, is equal to the result of lack of love. So trying to analyse what we have been doing in a way so as to determine what to do, that makes no sense.


So what you’re saying as ‘I have a hard time finding the way to Trust because of this and that and the other thing’, it’s almost like you have to stay on the surface of things, to think the way that you’re thinking, because the moment that you actually want to learn from the past, you do that by diving in and feeling the pain of it, because that’s where the wisdom, the intelligence unfolds as Being, and that can only happen through trusting.


You see right there It’s not that you are pretending it’s not the case, you’re facing directly that it is the case, but you’re not doing it from a mind perspective, and you’re not doing it from a ‘using the past as an excuse not to relax’ perspective either, because what happened back then, there wasn’t relaxation. So your relaxation is equal to your Trust, that your relaxation allows the love , which then takes the past into account.


Student: Thank you.


Aisha: Welcome

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