Journeying through the Brokenness

Student:  I would like to invite you to talk more about this brokenness and then this… it’s like almost the initiation into the sacred body, or something like this.  Thank you.

Aisha:  It’s like when you live without your sense of feeling you don’t even know an opportunity is there, but Being itself can’t actually start fully developing as the wholeness of you, here, without touching that – not only touching it – but fully arriving where it is, that brokenness, and it’s in all of us.  So the brokenness is at the bottom line and it’s your separation from your own Essence.

So the moment that you come into that brokenness, that’s where the core wounding of the human being can start healing.  You can call it Sacred, Divine and it is, but not in the way if we make ‘Sacred’ and ‘Divine’ into something, because this is actually, it’s simply the bottom line, it’s simply the bottom line of it all being human.

I’m happy you took a dive, yes, touching that is so important, so important. And in a way I can say God is born through that brokenness.  We can expand through the heart into this Universal Consciousness, but for God to be born here (lowers hands to pelvis), can only happen through that moving through that brokenness which is our own separation from God.  So unless we’re willing to, as human beings, meet that brokenness, feel our way through that brokenness, cry the tears of that brokenness, we can never really arrive as the True Consciousness that we actually are.

This is when you get really touched, can you feel that? Yes.

Student:  And, I don’t know, is this brokenness something to be again and again felt, or is it something to be passed.

Aisha:  It takes a good while to come through the brokenness.  I know people who have cried for five years straight. It’s not a one-touchy kind of a thing. Definitely not.  And I spent the most of last year crying my way through, but it has been the last two, three years that has been coming into that pain, dealing with that pain, transcending that pain.

When you say this about the sweetness, it’s completely accurate, because the sweetness is that which is left.  The sweetness of you, you cannot find your true individuality without finding yourself through that body, because God through that body, that is your experience of you.  It’s the sweetness of you. And once you start really getting the taste of yourself as that sweetness, it gets also very much easier to cry when you lose yourself, because once you’ve tasted the sweetness of you, I mean, nothing can replace it.  Nothing in your life, no experience, can measure up with your experience of you as the sweetness of yourself.  It’s your own – I could almost say magical, living, colour of the rainbow.  It’s you. Something which is born as this – you know when light goes into one of these glass balls, and then it comes out so many different colours.  That specific colour which is you, comes by the light coming into the very core of you, and then shining out from there. Because the colour of light that comes just from up here (hand at chest level), our brokenness is not here, it’s down here (lowers hand to belly) – our humanness.  When the light comes through our humanness, that is where we get our individual taste, the individual taste of our sweetness. Up here (hands at chest level), it’s just universal, up here we’re all the same. But down here we’re very individual, we’re very sweet – like, ourselves.

So the transcendence of identity, here (hands at belly level), is that which birth us into Truth, like really. It’s also the hardest part in my experience, that’s individual I think though because some people have it easier here (belly), than here (head), you know?

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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