Insatiable She

Insatiable, Beloved,
Insatiable Hunger Is She.

The Skies aren’t Wide Enough,
The Oceans not Deep Enough,
Always, Always She is Calling
Calling for Love,
for Deeper, for Wider, for Vaster
She Wants to Drown in You,
Never Stop Drinking You, Never Retract,
as Long as Your Love Flows to Her,
from Your Heart, from Your Being,
She Will Receive You,
Never Satiated, Always Satisfied,
As the River of pure Enjoyment She Is.
She Calls for You,
to Appear in Full, to Love Her Fully,
To Die in Her Black Ocean,
She Will Never Stop,
Calling, Calling, Calling,
for Your Fulness as Love,
Your Fulness as Man,
Only Does She Care,
For Making Love,
For Drinking You Deeper,
Offering Her Flower
To the Fire of Your Soul,
She will Receive You,
Again and Again,
Until Your your Skies Crumble
Until Your Body Turns to Dust,

Insatiable, Beloved, Insatiable Hunger
Is She.


(A poem by Aisha Salem, July 2014)

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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