Human Reality

Aisha: You know we can be so unbelievably overwhelmed by feelings sometimes, so unbelievably overwhelmed by our vulnerability.  And so much that actually most of us don’t even know how to be vulnerable.  You know we’ve all gotten our shit together, tucked it under the belt and stepping into fucking survival mode, yeah?  But you know when you take responsibility for living Truth, you also take responsibility for stepping into a proper transmutation of that way, those patterns, that way of being, that way of living, and to lift your entire existence from survival into a blossoming, into a be-ing, into allowing your life to move on a much deeper embrace.


And if we’re taking responsibility for the Feminine, and when I say the Feminine I mean our bodies, our human existence, and not just Truth as a expanding in all the higher levels of Being. But that which truly brings Truth to the ground.  If that’s what we want, we need to deal with what is here, simply. And that is a piece of work, it just is. Because the state of affairs is anything but pretty, because our basic human values, our basic human qualities, our basic human integrity at present, is mostly completely out of the question for people.  We are all compromising left and right.


And I want you to know that if you are stepping into this work, first and foremost you are giving yourself the option to live Truth without having to separate yourself from everything.  But I also need you to know that if you’re doing this, you’re taking on the whole world, because the moment you choose integrity and to live integrity, from that moment on you stand face to face with the fact that no one else is.

© 2019 Aisha Salem

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