God as the Feminine

Student:  I guess something that keeps coming up for me is I feel this sort of resistance towards you. Probably a rejection of something within myself. So I guess I’m wondering just how to face that.


Aisha: You need to face completely when you say this “it’s painful”, you need to face the pain of that, because when you pass that pain then there is that openness again. So it’s not like “I’m resistant and that’s painful” and then “what should I do about the resistance,” because it’s not about fixing the pain, it’s about meeting it deeply and full on, with Love.


Student: Does the pain ever go away?


Aisha: We spoke a bit about this the other day, and about how the pain is a result of… or that there are different levels of pain, but that it’s a result of your opening to and through to that part of yourself which is your deepest feminine basically, which is your Feminine Self.  And that pain of that disconnection, yes, that goes away. As in the deeper that you go through the pain of the disconnection the greater becomes the connection, and at one point there would be the weaving of your feminine Self into your consciousness, (interlocks fingers) like that.  And then of course there is no pain of disconnection because you won’t be able to tell yourself apart from that.


But we have, when we talk about the Feminine Self, we’re very much talking about the deepest embrace of Truth. And that deepest embrace, it has that logic of its own which is the Feminine, and there is a lot of pain combined with that and that’s just how it is. That’s just how it is in the state of things now, because of the level of disconnection that we’ve had in the past – created in the past.  It’s like we have turned things towards God as a patriarchal… like God as a father, but somehow separated the reality that God is female as well, the Feminine, yeah?  So of course, that separation creates tremendous pain.  And that’s our outset, that’s where we’re all at, basically.  But it’s definitely not for good, it’s just something we need to re-emerge as – the balance within.


Student: And what about the Masculine within?


Aisha:  There needs to become a balance, you know?  The merging between the two.  You look like you need to have a good cry love.


Student: I’ve had a lot.


AishaKeep going. Simply it’s very simple; trust the tears.  Give up the judgements towards that part happening. Because through that which is broken, She emerges. So if we won’t touch the brokenness, She won’t.

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